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Royals Rumblings - News for November 16, 2022

Did you get Taylor tickets?

The Werner Park berm on Bark in the Park, May 22, 2022.
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas addressed the media regarding John Sherman’s announcement:

“The Royals will be somewhere, I’m predicting, between the river,” Lucas said. “North of 31st Street, but let’s be even clearer, probably north of the train tracks that are about at 22nd Street. And then probably somewhere between the state line and of course, I would say Woodland (Avenue).”


But Lucas added that before it could happen, the city and team would need to have plans in place to handle the influx of traffic.

He also said it would be important to make sure surrounding neighborhoods and communities are not pushed out or negatively impacted.

“How do we make sure that we’re not destroying or changing a neighborhood to a negative extent,” Lucas said.

Royals outfielder Brewer Hicklen had a baseball camp:

Former MLB player Yasiel Puig plead guilty to lying to federal officials about his involvement in an illegal gambling ring.

Buck Showalter was named NL manager of the year, and award he has now won in four different decades, and with four different teams.

In the American League, the manager of the year award went to Terry Francona, his third win.

Good news from a wonderful person in the greater baseball family:

In a deal panned by Twitter replies as “not Aaron Judge for 10 years,” the Yankees re-signed Anthony Rizzo to a two-year deal.

Rod Stewart says he turned down a million dollars to perform at the World Cup, in protest of Qatar’s human rights abuses as they secured and built facilities for the event.

An idea from TikTok if you’re hosting Thanksgiving: dole out guests’ leftovers into disposable metal cupcake pans. That keeps the foods from smashing all into each other. It’s also something a guest who is unable to cook could provide for everyone.

Omaha now has a Church’s Chicken location.

Discard these pieces of outdated financial advice.

Super-great leader and paragon of humanity Elon Musk has been firing people who criticized him on Slack and in Tweets. Very cool thing. What a guy.

This seems to be a nice deal on a bunch of Pizza Hut food, if that’s something you need to eat. I enjoy pizza from the Hut, going back to the days of filling up my Book-It button over and over. So many free personal pan pizzas, for reading I was doing anyway!

Details of yesterday’s spacewalk outside of the International Space Station!


Someone shot at Denise Richards and her husband in a road rage incident.

Ticketmaster was the sole destination for Taylor Swift tickets for her 2023 tour. The site was not up to the task.

Today’s question: Do you have a membership to a shopping club, like Costco or Sam’s Club? What made you decide to get one, and what is your favorite thing to purchase there? What have you found to be NOT a good deal?

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