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Royals Rumblings - News for November 23, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Steve Physioc talked to Anne Rogers about his broadcasting career, which has wrapped up with this week’s news that he is retiring. Rogers mentions that Physioc is working on his 5th novel, and shared this bit about Rex Hudler:

“In 47 years, I’ve had over 150 different analysts that I’ve worked with, but one guy stands out, and that’s Hud,” Physioc said. “He’s not only been a great partner, but also a great friend. He’s wonderful to work with, and what you see is the real Hud. I’ve known him for almost three decades, and he’s never changed. He’s like an Energizer bunny, always on the go. But also, when his batteries go, he goes. I’ll be talking with him, let’s say we’re driving home from the airport, and I’ll look over, and he’s snoring. Was I that boring?”

David Lesky looked around at possible Rule 5 targets (as well as an explanation of the Rule 5 draft, if you’d like that), including someone whose name I will mistype as Lawyer for a good long time:

Cody Laweryson, RHP, Twins

What can I say? I’m a sucker for results. Between high-A and AA, Laweryson gave up 66 hits in 94.2 innings with a 30.2 percent strikeout rate and a 7.3 percent walk rate. He doesn’t throw as hard as you might think, but he does have a funky delivery that hides the ball incredibly well. From what I’m told, it’s his changeup that gets it done. Apparently it’s a low-spin pitch, which is actually okay because lower spin is similarly effective to higher spin. At some point, you do have to lend credence to the results. I’m a bit skeptical of a big righty who relies so much on a changeup, but the Twins have a lot of those guys, it seems, and they seem to do generally decent. He won’t develop into an ace, but I could see a 4/5 starter or a swingman, and that’s valuable for cheap.

Here’s a clip of that delivery:

At FanGraphs, a look at the plate discipline of old friend Andrew Benintendi.

Aaron Judge made a trip to San Francisco to see family and probably also the Giants.


Ask a Manager ran a collection of workplace potluck stories, and workplace holiday stories. What’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever had at a potluck? What would you bring if we had a Royals Review potluck?

10 common Thanksgiving stains, and how to clean them.

In an item that’s probably of interest to only me, SK and Raven broke up because SK (allegedly!) cheated on her multiple times. Yikes!

A compendium of 11 fascinating scams. Please report back with what rabbit holes these led you down; I could talk about scams all day, every day.

If you’ve been contemplating HBO Max, it’s cheap to sign up right now.

Sometimes my brothers and I send each other things that are very dumb, because dumb things can be funny. This map of Alaska was one such item in that group chat.

Some of the cast of ‘Love, Actually’ is reuniting for a 20th anniversary special that will air on ABC. I understand the ways that movie is problematic, yet about 34 quotes from it have wormed their way into my everyday speech.

Quick moment of earnestness to close this out: I am grateful for each of you. Our little community is something that I cherish. Thank you for being here.

SOTD: HAIM ft. Taylor Swift - Gasoline