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Please welcome new writer Jacob Milham

We found a new writer quicker than the Royals found a pitching coach.

Oakland Athletics v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Royals may be taking their time filling out their coaching staff, but we’re moving forward with additions to our writing staff. Joining us is Jacob Milham, who you may be familiar with already if you’re a Royals fans. Jacob has written at KC Kingdom and Inside the Royals and has hosted a podcast, Royals Rundown. He will be taking over regular hosting duties on our podcast, Royals Review Radio, although you should still expect to still hear from Matthew LaMar, Jeremy Greco, myself, and others on the show from time to time.

I have been a Royals fan for my entire short life. I grew up during the abysmal days of 2000s Royals baseball and had no idea how bad they were. After joining the Navy in 2015, I found my Royals fandom to be a great link back to the area. I started writing in junior high, winning state awards for my editorial writing and sports photography. I carried that passion over to military service, where I thankfully get to do what I love for the Navy.

I started writing at KC Kingdom but quickly moved on to FanNation’s Inside the Royals. While you won’t see many articles from me, you can hear me twice a week on Royals Review Radio. I will bring you interviews, insight, and analysis on all things Royals baseball. I am far from perfect, but I cannot wait to start talking baseball with all of you.

Thank you for your service Jacob and we look forward to listening to you on the Royals Review Radio podcast! You can follow Jacob on Twitter at @JMilTheHam. Please join me in welcoming Jacob!