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Moving on: An interview with Royals Farm Report’s Alex Duvall

One of the community’s biggest contributors is stepping back, for bigger and better things in 2023.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Texas Rangers
Aug 23, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; A view of a Kansas City Royals ball cap and logo during the game between the Texas Rangers and the Royals at Globe Life Park in Arlington. The Royals defeated the Rangers 6-3. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Royals fanbase is fairly close, for all its faults and shortcomings. Social media has really allowed fans to connect, wherever they may be geographically. Trolls and hot takes aside, it is a great tool. One of the biggest social media accounts devoted to the Royals has to be Royals Farm Report.

Established in June 2017, Royals Farm Report gives fans prospect-centric coverage of the Royals organization. With thousands of prospect profiles, interviews, and much more, their website and social media presence have been a great resource for more than five years. Recently, the site’s co-founder and managing editor, Alex Duvall, announced he was stepping back from both podcasting and writing via Twitter.

Dozens of fellow writers, content creators, and fans responded to the news on Twitter with thanks and wonder about what was next for Duvall. In an exclusive interview with Inside the Royals, he explained his next steps for his followers and fans.

Why are you retiring from the podcast realm for the Royals?

“We really committed to a full-scale production this year and I loved every second of it. It also made me realize how hard it is to put together a show that is that well done and with another baby on the way in April, I just don’t have the time to commit to doing work that good. It would almost feel like a crime to go back and do a half-assed version of that now. I have no doubt that whatever the [KC Sports Network] guys do next will be great, it’s just not something I felt like I could commit to moving forward.”

What is your next life move?

“Like I mentioned, my wife and I are expecting baby number two, a little girl, in April. I’m also going to be starting my specialist’s degree in January so, with baseball starting in March and the baby due in April, I have no idea when I’ll sleep.”

Why is this move important to you?

“I think this year made me realize where my priorities are a bit. I appreciate the work full-time members of our media so much more now than I used to and I was only recording a weekly show that was one hour long.”

How will you still interact with Royals fans and inform them?

“I will still be pretty active on Twitter. I’m stepping away from most of my writing and podcasting, but Twitter takes very little time and is super engaging for me. I have met a bunch of wonderful people through this app and couldn’t imagine leaving them behind just yet.”

You have been one of the Royals’ loudest voices. How does it feel to take a step back?

“I think Royals Twitter is one of the most unique groups on the internet. There’s a legitimate community of fans that bring a ton of talent to the table. I am so excited to get to follow your guys’ work, the guys at Royals Weekly, Jordan Foote, the [KC Sports Network] gang, and plenty of others who I am definitely forgetting from afar, rather than from a ‘competitor’ in the same space.”

Is this the end of Royals Farm Report?

“I’m not sure. Definitely not from a Twitter perspective. I’ve tried to hire out writers in the past but I’m just not a very good site manager/editor, I’m afraid. So, for now, maybe. I’d love for someone else to carry on the writing, just may not be anything imminent. [Royals Farm Report] will definitely carry on through Twitter for the foreseeable future.”