JayJ Pickleo - whaAt is goin on bud

let me start thsi off by saying what everyone is thinking: Yes i am A simple man! I do not Crave to have a great great deal of knowlege of the subject: base ball. I am, HOWEVER, a base ball Man. I know a grea tballplayer when I lie my eyes on him.

It is without Question ? that dating More has had an Unbeneficial effect on how Pickleo operates this base ball team. It is with dark clouds and thundre, a scary combonation unless you are a phantom or love summMer storms (my friend is into stroms.)

Quatrino seems like a good base ball man. He and i share the same eyses for the game. We look at the game. But without the gereats that are [playing the game today on the team, Quatrino will surely look like a faliure, sort of like Mathiney looked when he was slumped shouldered and full of viscious rage. I do not ewant to return to that

jj Picklo has failed the eye test that me eyes study for. I did not craVe judge or jeurys, I crave an execushioner that can make the prope r steps to assure the Royal way is in tact and ready to ascend to the tops of the Baseball Castle (known thorugouhly as the best frenchise.)) freanchise

Here are a few quick moves the Pickelo can make to assure destiny is within reach:

-Sign O'Vern to MASSIVer deal (thinking 10 year, 500 Million Dollars)

-That contract will make other treams think O'Vern is Really Good and then sell him for a n actual great playr named Fish Boy or Good Marlin pitcher what is player who is fish?_

- trade Hunted Doxoner to the STL for Gordman (thierd base, young player) pretend hUnted is good (sales man technique - listen up Pickleo! you look Card GM in eye and touch his hand, tell him Hunted can be Otherwordly if he lived in the opposite part of missouri. Sell Hard! do not be don't be afraid to hold his fingers betwixt yours tell him you will love him. It works that is how I sell

- Ablarto Mond


- Ask Sherboy for a lil extra spending cash and go to the mall and buyyouyrself a new pair of slacks. People love New pants on a Gen Man

- hmm this is where you rnew slacks come in. Show 'em off!!! you do not need Sherboys news stadium to be successsful. the players will respect you moore if you have new pants. my friends son says the new gen love new slacks, and with that you will win over young playres like Wonder Frankle. FRanco. sell Mike's taylor to get Wonder Franco Franckle. That will work

- Egbert Mondo is a bench player

- it is time to discuss pitching .

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