Royals are top heavy

Scouring the Royals website, they have sixteen vice presidents plus assistants to the this or that. These include one for culture, and one for pine tar collection. They have fourteen coaches that does include bullpen catchers and strategists. (Where do players sit on the bus?). What has George Brett done in the past thirty years anyway? (And they STILL fired Frank White). Despite or because of that bloated bureaucracy, they make bizarre decisions such as keeping Dozier and O'Hearn on the 40 man and arrogantly passing on the Rule 5 draft when we are the neediest team in baseball.

Not surprisingly, we trade a prospect for another highly heralded prospect to whom we give a two week tryout and then get rid of them. However, we hold onto those who are drafted highly or paid highly so as to save face for the bureaucrats. Trades are -- what can I say-- weird as they are based not on getting a coveted player most of the time, but getting return on an existing player with club control time remaining, even though the return may not be an improvement.Not surprisingly, its a nice place to work, with little turnover-- little expected and not much dirt seems to roll downhill in flat Kansas. We are loyal to a fault when it comes to our washed up major leaguers-- think Alex Gordon, Hunter Dozier and disloyal to those who toiled in our farm system for years without getting a real chance (Frank Schwindel I am thinking of you). Bubba Starling and Kyle Zimmer stayed around far longer than they should have as blockers. However, we still can carry a grudge-- look at the people blocked from the Royals HOF (Tallis, Herzog).

When we read the Royals' high ups praise themselves or dis their prospects, we see a yes man structure with an echo chamber. Its impossible to get to the top level and still get honest answers.

Sherman made a wise decision to start hacking from the top - by bye Dayton, who was surprised by his firing (the only person in KC who WAS surprised) but its obvious a few more whacks are needed.

We need an Elon Musk type to come in and clean house, fire everyone who was involved in this nightmare decade. Maybe Musk is even available once he gets done with Twitter.

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