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Weekend Rumblings - News for February 12, 2022

Bengals or Rams, who ya got?

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Weekend Rumblings - News for February 12, 2022

In a mailbag column at Inside the Crown, David Lesky thinks about a big trade he would pursue for the Royals.

I’d send Pratto, Daniel Lynch and let’s say two other guys in the 7-13 range of team prospects to the Pirates for Bryan Reynolds and David Bednar. Bednar is honestly just a bit of an extra in the deal because I’m a big fan of his and would love to see the Royals get him, but Reynolds is the prize here. He’s a 27-year old switch hitting center fielder who has power, patience and can hit for average. The one thing the Royals system especially lacks is center field talent. It’s why they felt compelled to give Taylor an extra two years.

Yes, a middle infielder could move to the outfield and take to it well as so many have over the years or maybe Kyle Isbel could handle the spot for a couple seasons, but Reynolds is a legitimate difference-maker.

Alec Lewis also had a mailbag column where he was asked about who could be a surprise prospect to make the team.

We started with the three prospects, so we might as well end around them. Here’s a name for you: Nathan Webb. You will read much more about him soon. For now, know this: He is a Kansas City native who throws 100 mph and has a plus changeup. He also already has a World Series ring. Again, check back soon for so much more.

The evaluators at MLB Pipeline write about the most athletic prospect for each team.

Tally up all of his individual tools, and Witt’s scouting report might be the most loaded of any prospect going. He’s a plus runner and even earns some 70s from scouts. He shows legit plus-plus power in games, and while that’s rare for any position, it’s especially so for a defensively gifted shortstop. His special arm will be handy if the Royals roster necessitates a move to third base this summer. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine Witt in another life as a mobile quarterback roaming and firing all over the gridiron. Or maybe even as a kicker since his leg appears to be his sixth tool too.

Lynn Worthy writes that Royals spring training could be delayed if owners and players don’t come to agreement soon.

Alex Duvall at Royals Farm Report writes about the best road trips to catch the Omaha Storm Chasers.

Former Royals pitcher and native Kansas Citian David Cone mourns the death of his father Ed Cone.

Craig Brown at Into the Fountain continues his series on Salvador Perez’s home runs.

Batoul Hammoud at Kings of Kauffman makes the case for why the Royals should retire Amos Otis’ number.

A coroner’s report confirms former Royals first baseman Jeremy Giambi died by suicide.

The players with the most chance of getting traded after the lockout.

Rob Manfred’s claim that MLB ownership is not as lucrative as the stock market is debunked.

Who are the top players returning from injury?

Will Trevor Bauer pitch in the big leagues again?

A look back to the time Ken Griffey Jr. was traded to his hometown Reds.

The Russian anti-doping agency allowed Kamila Valieva to compete in Olympics despite failed drug test.

The winners and losers from the NBA trade deadline.

Facebook has a problem with super-users.

Netflix is losing its Marvel shows.

When The Simpsons made their first big Super Bowl episode - Lisa the Greek.

Your song of the day is Patawawa with Forget About It.