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Royals Review Radio: The banned shifts episode

We talk under-the-radar prospects with Alex Duvall

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Labor negotiations continue to drag on, with a potential international draft as a sticking point. Max Rieper, Alex Duvall, and Jeremy Greco talk about the latest in labor talks, plus some recent proposals to ban shifts, add a pitch clock, and add larger bases. We also discuss some under-the-radar prospects with Alex Duvall.

Links to some of the things we talk about:

Jared Perkins’ article at Royals Farm Report on Brewer Hicklen.

Jeremy Greco’s article on why losing games may be worth it for players.

A summary of some of the proposed rule changes including a ban on shifts, a pitch clock, and larger bases.

You can follow Max Rieper on Twitter at @maxrieper, Hokius at @hokius, and Alex Duvall at @RoyalsFarm. You can also read Alex Duvall’s work at Royals Farm Report, part of the Kansas City Sports Network.

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