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Royals Rumblings - News for March 17, 2022

Welcome back, Zack.

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Orioles-Royals Photo by John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for March 17, 2022

Dayton Moore talked about why the Royals had targeted Zack Greinke for years.

“Somebody like Zack certainly points the way for many of our young pitchers. I mean what he has accomplished, how he goes about it, he is somebody that understands the importance of executing pitches and will be a huge example to our young pitchers,” Moore said. “That being said, we believe Zack Greinke is going to perform very well and win a lot of baseball games for us here in Kansas City.”

Acquiring reliever Amir Garrett fits in the Royals’ plans of upgrading the bullpen, writes Anne Rogers.

“We had intentions from the very beginning of the offseason to address our bullpen,” Royals general manager J.J. Picollo said. “Amir’s a guy that we had our eyes on in October. It just took a while to get it taken care of. He’s a power left-hander, a guy who has a lot of experience. He’s going to help us build our pitching staff out from the back end.”

David Lesky at Inside the Royals takes a closer look at Garrett.

But he is coming off a bad year. So what happened?

The easy answer is his control faltered. His walk rate jumped from 10.1 percent in 2020 to 13.5 percent in 2021. But also he was at 14.2 percent in 2019 and pitched to a 3.21 ERA (that was helped by a pretty great strand rate). So it’s not all control. There’s an argument to be made that he was in the zone a bit too much. In 2019, he threw 37.8 percent of pitches in the zone. In 2020, it was 35.8 percent. Last year, it was 41.3 percent.

Lynn Worthy writes that the trade didn’t come as a big surprise to Mike Minor.

“I didn’t know anything, but I just expected it because of the way the team was headed and with all the trades and everything going on right now after the lockout,” Minor told The Star as he grabbed his bags and prepared to leave the clubhouse. “It seemed like a lot of teams were switching players and guys were getting signed.”

Lynn also talks to Salvador Perez about his offensive goals.

Yeah, Perez more than covered those 30 home runs and 100 RBIs he’d aimed for last spring training.

“That was my goal,” Perez said. “Now I did it. Hopefully I can continue to do it and help my team. Hit as many as I can, as many home runs as I can, as many RBIs as I can, try to be the best behind home plate. But I don’t try to think about now I’ve got to try to go hit 50. It’s not that easy. It’s not going to be that easy. I’m going to try to do my job, hit the ball hard and see what happens.”

Jordan Foote at Inside the Royals writes that it’s time young Royals pitchers show improvement.

“Well, I think it’s really important because it’s time for a lot of our guys to start taking some steps forward,” Moore told the media on Saturday. “It’s been a very unnatural time. Some of them weren’t able to get finished off at the Triple-A level because of COVID, and we made a decision that we were going to put them on the major league club and give them an opportunity to develop. I think, in some ways, they’re playing a little catch-up at times. I think they’re at a point now, certainly mentally, that they know exactly what to expect — and it takes a couple of offseasons to figure that out.”

Royals player rep Whit Merrifield reflected on the contentious labor negotiations.

“Time will tell,” Merrifield, the Royals’ union player representative said. “It’s hard to say now. We got some numbers up. We didn’t get them to where we think they should be. But we got them moving in the right direction.

“But the main goal was to not only reflect what players are making based on the growth of the game, but to improve the game and improve competitiveness and making it to where teams are fighting to win year in and year out. We feel like we did some things to help with that. Time will tell if teams adapt and try to win more consistently than they have been.”

Jared Perkins at Royals Farm Report profiles catcher Carter Jensen.

Jim Callis of MLB Pipeline ranks Bobby Witt Jr. as the best shortstop prospect in baseball.

Tyler Zuber was placed on the 60-day Injured List with right shoulder impingement syndrome to make room for Greinke.

Former Royals relievers Greg Holland signed with the Rangers and Ian Kennedy signs with the Diamondbacks.

Freddie Freeman signs a six-year, $162 million deal with the Dodgers.

The Rockies sign Kris Bryant to a seven-year, $182 million contract.

Kyle Schwarber signs with the Phillies for four years, $79 million.

Outfielder Joc Pederson signs a one-year, $6 million deal with the Giants.

NLCS MVP Eddie Rosario returns to the Braves on a two-year, $18 million deal.

The Tigers ink lefty reliever Andrew Chafin to a two-year, $13 million deal.

Cincinnati signs infielder Donovan Solano to a one-year, $4.5 million deal.

The Rays have discussed trade proposals regarding outfielder Austin Meadows.

The Reds are not expected to deal pitchers Luis Castillo or Tyler Mahle.

Jose Ramirez was the subject ot trade rumors with the Blue Jays.

Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale will miss the start of the year with a rib injury.

Evan Dreilich has more details on the new labor deal, including the return of “draft-and-follows” for junior college players.

Travis Sawchik writes that the labor deal is already failing to get teams to compete more.

Leagues in the minors will get their historical names back.

A March Madness bracket determined by how delicious the mascots are.

A Tyreek Hill contract extension could happen in the coming days, according to one report.

CD sales are up for the first time since 2004.

Chris Cuomo seeks $125 million from CNN over his firing.

What did Captain Kirk do before he led the Enterprise?

Your song of the day is Mase with Welcome Back.