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Royals Rumblings - News for March 24, 2022

Are the Royals looking to keep Andrew Benintendi in Kansas City?

Arizona Diamondbacks v Kansas City Royals Photo by David Durochik/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for March 24, 2022

Zack Greinke was pleased with his spring training debut, writes Lynn Worthy.

“The results are ideal,” Greinke said of how he’ll judge his outing. “But more so the fastball was coming out pretty good. All the pitches were coming out kind of how I expect them too. The location for the most part was close enough to be happy, actually in some cases it was better than it is sometimes in the regular season.”

Sam McDowell writes about Greinke’s expected impact on young pitchers.

Lynch said he opened a lengthy conversation with Greinke recently. (He’s already learned Greinke is best engaged the deeper into the weeds the topic.) Lynch wanted to talk about improving his curveball — the pitch he feels he needs to supplement his arsenal.

Greinke’s advice? Play around with grips, and find the one that you can command the best — not necessarily the nastiest among the bunch. If you can’t command it with consistency, Greinke told him, it does you no good.

“I know he’s not afraid to tell you the reality,” Lynch said. “I appreciate that because I think a lot of people sugarcoat things a lot of times, and I like to hear how it is from someone who knows how it is.”

Bobby Witt Jr. talked about his monster home run on Tuesday.

“The last at-bat before that I had solid contact,” Witt said, referring to a line-out to left field in the third. “I was just really trying to go up there and do the same thing, see some pitches. He was throwing a lot of sliders and stuff. Then he came in, and I was able to be on time and got to it. I think the wind changed a little bit. That’s where, that time with luck, it was able to get out.”

Craig Brown considers whether the Royals are working on an Andrew Benintendi extension.

The gap doesn’t phase me. It’s something we’ve seen in the past with the Royals ahead of an extension. Remember, this is Benintendi’s final run through the arbitration process. He will be eligible for free agency at the end of this year. For the Royals to keep him for the next couple of seasons, I imagine they would take a little off what he could’ve gotten for this year and bump the salary for his age 28 and 29 seasons. Something like this:

2022 - $8 million

2023 - $12 million

2024 - $14 million

2025 - mutual option with $2 million buyout

That’s basically a three-year contract at $33 million. And note the $8 million for this year…that’s right around the midpoint between the numbers submitted.

David Lesky looks at the Royals arbitration cases and where payroll could end up.

Yes, they’ve had some tough financial seasons the last two for a new ownership group, but as I wrote last year, the bigger group probably limits some losses. I had heard before last season that if the right deal was there, they could get to $110 million or so. We’ve heard in the past that the payroll isn’t necessarily a one-year number but rather something that is set out over a few seasons, which means that if they don’t make another move (and the only real move I see is something like trading for Montas, who settled with the A’s at $5.025 million), they should have a little money left over. Does that mean they could make a big move to take on a contract later this year if they’re in it? Or that they could make a big move in free agency next year? I don’t know, but they appear to be in a good spot financially moving forward.

MLB Pipeline has their list of top 30 Royals prospects.

Pete Grathoff writes a streaming-only option for Royals games could be coming this summer.

Oakland is focusing on moving Sean Manaea and are deciding how to proceed with Frankie Montas.

Alex Duvall at Royals Farm Report writes why he’s out on Montas.

Longtime Royals employee Linda Smith will be inducted in the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame.

The Mariners add reliever Sergio Romo.

The Reds sign reliever Hunter Strickland.

The Blue Jays have interest in free agent outfielder Brett Gardner.

Who are some pitchers poised for a comeback?

The low Guardians payroll is leaving some questions in Cleveland.

Here are the details on the sponsored logo patches coming to MLB.

Texts reveal Tyler Skaggs’ agent urged him to pitch through pain years before his death.

Fangraphs writer Kevin Goldstein leaves to join the Twins front office.

Former baseball writer Jonah Keri is sentenced to 21 months in jail for domestic abuse.

Kirk Herbstreit lands multi-year deals with both ESPN and Amazon.

Ash Barty, the #1 ranked women’s tennis player in the world retires at age 25.

A Pennway Point proposal would add a Ferris wheel to Kansas City’s riverfront.

Tech workers are fleeing Russia.

NFTs are being used to benefit insider venture capital firms.

Your song of the day is Pavement with Shoot the Singer.