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Weekend Rumblings - News for March 5, 2022

I want baseball.

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Baseball Elements Photo by 2021 Diamond Images via Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for March 5, 2022

Pete Grathoff writes about Dayton Moore’s comments on how the lockout will affect Bobby Witt Jr.

“The important thing is for them just to stay focused and, and not be distracted,” Moore said. “Because when you step on that field, you’ve got a very small window of opportunity to get better.

“And when you step on the field one of two things is happening. You’re practicing good habits or you’re practicing bad habits. And you want to be really, really focused when you’re on the field so you can continue to get better.”

Peter Gammons at The Athletic writes about some of the prospects this lockout will hurt.

“Witt,” says an NL pro scouting director, “is the best prospect in the game right now. There are some teenagers out there with scary ceilings, but Witt’s there and he’s going to do it right away.”

MLB Pipeline looks at a prospect candidate to bounce back for each team.

Royals: Erick Peña, OF

The Royals were rebound specialists in 2021, turning around MJ Melendez and Nick Pratto’s (among others) offensive production with approach-based adjustments. Peña could be their next project. The July 2019 signing moved stateside to the Arizona Complex League for his first taste of the Minors and struggled with contact, striking out 36.5 percent of the time while hitting just .161/.256/.314 over 156 plate appearances. At his best, the left-handed slugger shows plus raw power with an uppercut swing that allows him to elevate on contact. He turned 19 in February and still has time to translate his raw skills into performance.

Professional baseball players for the Royals played baseball yesterday.

Alex Duvall at Royals Farm Report looks at the organizational depth at catcher.

Why both owners and players have incentives to prolong the lockout.

Fitch Ratings gives the assessment that MLB owners can weather a prolonged lockout due to liquidity.

Why this work stoppage is about more than money.

What could a shortened season look like?

The players’ union creates a $1 million fund to help workers affected by canceled games.

Canceled games could lead to a dispute over service time.

Dan Szymborski tries to project how an expanded 12-team playoff would look.

Jon Bois has his latest Dorktown installment on Blue Jays pitcher Dave Stieb.

The Cowboys will release receiver Amari Cooper, where could he end up?

Australian cricket legend Shane Warne dies at age 52.

Part of a rocket weighing three tons crash lands on the moon.

Activist investor Carl Icahn takes aim at McDonald’s treatment of pigs.

An oral history of Prince’s Batman soundtrack.

Your song of the day is The Kinks with This Time Tomorrow.