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Game 5 Thread: Royals vs. Cardinals

Back to winning? Or back to losing?

We’re .500 again!

For the first time this year—and probably not the last, but we’ll see—the Kansas City Royals are at .500. For a squad that has played at a ~90 loss pace since before the 2018 midterm elections, finishing at .500 would be a huge improvement, and something the Royals have only done five times since 1995.

We’re a long way off from finishing .500, though. In fact, we’ve only just begun! Tonight, the Royals will face their interleague rivals: the St. Louis Cardinals. Yes, it’s early in the year for that to happen, but schedules get weird sometimes. Remember when the Royals played the New York Mets, of all teams, to begin the 2016 season? Fun times.

Anyway, the story of tonight will undoubtedly be how Daniel Lynch performs. His fellow 2018 draftees were very, very bad on Sunday. And while there’s plenty of time to turn it around, it is solely up to Lynch to ensure that the four most important pitchers in the system right now don’t all roll snake eyes to begin the year.

We’ll also get to see the Royals in their new away uniforms for the first time tonight. That will be pretty neat, as they say, even if the Royals win or lose.

Royals Lineup

Cardinals Lineup