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Royals Rumblings - News for April 20, 2022

Front view of a brown dog pulling on its harness, straining toward the camera.
This dog REALLY wanted a closer look at the camera pointed their way.
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

Remember Brady Singer? His virtual absence this season is one of Craig Brown’s notes at Into the Fountains:

Singer has made one appearance this season out of the bullpen in an extreme mop-up role, closing out the 17-3 defeat at the hands of the Guardians in the season’s fourth game. In that appearance, the threw 60 pitches over three innings, allowed six hits and four runs. He threw one changeup. In other words, it was a very Brady Singer appearance.

During my weekly radio appearance on 810 Sports on Monday, I was asked about Singer. Honestly, I haven’t given him much thought, and that’s probably a bad thing. The Royals have played generally close games and Singer has only appeared in a the game that was already wildly out of hand. Tuesday, it will be nine days since he took the mound. I suspect that we will see him at some point in the Twins series, weather permitting. It will be worth noting the situation where he is used.

David Lesky dug into all the angles from which the Royals offense is struggling, and frankly there’s not one pull quote because it’s quite comprehensive. Go take a look!

At FanSided, Cameron Black shared about his first Royals game this past weekend, and the sensory experience of The K for a blind person.

The Rockies signed lefty Kyle Freeland to a 5-year extension.

Old friend alert: the Rangers designated Greg Holland for assignment.

Jacob DeGrom is scheduled for a follow-up MRI next week.

Miguel Cabera’s hunt for hit #3000 is special to fellow Venezuelans.

The rise in the prominence of the sweeper.

At FanGraphs, David Laurila chatted with Guardians prospect Richie Palacios.

Jake Peavy used his Gold Glove award as a glove, in an appearance with the Savannah Bananas.

KBO fans may get to resume cheering out loud, which has been verboten during the pandemic.

Why does the picture quality look so bad on cable TV?

Any editors or authors among us? I found this letter and the comments fascinating, about clients who hire a freelance editor and then reacted poorly to being edited.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that Maren Morris did a Tiny Desk (Home) Concert a couple weeks ago?! It’s gorgeous!

A really entertainingly-written case for growing peas.

Why did Drake post a picture of himself with Taylor Swift? (The fact that this is a question is a sign of immense privilege. I feel like if I had a picture of myself with Taylor Swift I would post it every day!)

Actually, let’s talk about pictures with celebrities: have you ever had your picture taken with a famous person? How did it happen, and is it a flattering shot?

SOTD: Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers - Just Got High