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Game 15 Thread: Royals vs. White Sox

This is what it feels like

Crews clear snow at Coors Filed in preparation for a split double header against the New York Mets.
Crews clear the snow from the seats at Coors Field after a spring snowstorm dumped close to a foot of snow downtown, canceling Monday’s Rockies game. Weather permitting, the Rockies will play a split double header against the New York Mets to make up for the missed game on Monday.
Photo By Kathryn Scott Osler/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Y’all, it is going to be cold in Chicago, where the Royals are playing the White Sox. By the end of tonight, it’ll be in the low-40s, and the game tomorrow got bumped to the afternoon because of weather reasons.

You know what’s also cold? The Royals’ bats. By wRC+, they rank 25th in all of baseball and are collectively hitting 21% worse than league average. The weather probably has to do with some of it, for sure, but also so does hitting a guy fourth who has a wRC+ of 50 since the Fourth of July last year in 350 plate appearances. You know.

Tonight, the Royals will be facing Dallas Keuchel, onetime ace for the Houston Astros. But he’s been pretty bad for the White Sox, and sports a 5.63 ERA since the start of last year—accompanied by an equally bad 5.4 K/9. What I’m saying is that I expect the Royals to get blanked by a crafty lefty, is what I’m saying.

The Royals will counter with one Daniel Lynch in his third start of the year. He was not good in his first start and pretty good in his second start, with nice moments in each. Let’s see what he’s got tonight.

Royals lineup

White Sox lineup