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Royals Rumblings - News for April 27, 2022

Close-up of a tan dog with white fur peppering its face, and just the collar of a red jacket is visible as well.
A dog in a coat!
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

Last night’s win was nice for everyone but the Sonic Slam contestant:

Get to know more about first base coach Damon Hollins, with this Q&A with Anne Rogers:

Even now, I’m getting goosebumps. When I played, I only had one daughter at the time, and she was born in 2006. That was my last full year in the big leagues. So she doesn’t remember much about it, and I never even imagined in 100 years that my kids would be able to see me on this level in the big leagues as a coach. I never thought that moment would happen, and now I have three daughters — Tahari, 15, Ameerah, 11, and Averi, 9 — and they get to see me live out my dream, which I hope inspires them to live out theirs.

David Lesky plays “Fact or Fiction” with the numbers of the worst-performing Royals hitters, including labeling Adalberto Mondesi’s icky numbers as “fact” (please note this was posted before Mondi left the game with knee discomfort; Lesky was not kicking a guy while he was physically down):

Maybe I’m harsh here. He isn’t this bad, but it’s not like he’s going to magically turn into the guy we all thought he might after some great play in the second half in 2018 and flashes over the last couple seasons. I just don’t see him putting it all together enough to be an every day player. He’ll get to his numbers, but not in a way where he can be counted on daily. The best thing the Royals can do while he’s still on the team is be so in tune with him that they ride him when he gets into one of his amazing stretches and not be afraid to pull back when he cools down.

Jason Benetti will be the voice of Sunday brunch-time baseball on Peacock.

The Tigers had a rough night:

What’s actually in the Yankee Letter?

A trio from FanGraphs:

MLB Trade Rumors rounded up a bunch of National League covid-related roster moves.

The latest on Jacob DeGrom’s path back to pitching.

The Reds backpedal after disciplining fans who wore “Sell the team” paper bags over their heads at games.

How much does it cost to propose on the video board at MLB parks? I’m surprised Yankee Stadium is that low. And did you know Kauffman Stadium doesn’t allow Crown Vision proposals?

Jerry West is super mad about HBO’s Winning Time.

Harry Styles on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens? I suppose all homes and gardens would be better with more Harry Styles. It works.

Happy National Gummy Bear Day! And happy 100th birthday, Haribo Goldbears!

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and other stuff coming to Paramount+ in May.

Thanks to a new tracking system, this Ask a Manager letter writer is concerned about not being productive every minute of every day. Thank you to all of you who spend some non-productive time right here every day.

‘The Batman’ is getting a sequel.

Today’s Reddit question: With the passing of Stan Lee, and Betty White, who is Americas token “Old Person” now?

SOTD: Dolly Parton - Baby I’m Burnin’