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Gamethread XIX: Yankees at Royals

The debut of the Nike City Connect Royals jerseys

Carlos Hernández looks to the sky Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Ready or not, it’s game two of Yankees at Royals featuring City Connect uniforms. I’m on record as thinking the uniforms are fine but a far cry from some of the better examples we’ve seen out there, including the Giants and Nationals versions.

For the Royals, Carlos Hernández will take the mound. Hernández is off to a bit of a slow start this season with a 6.43 ERA and no record. Most concerning are the very few strikeouts he’s earned so far, this season. He’s averaging fewer than 3.21 per nine innings, pitched; this identically matches his walk rate which means the K/BB ratio is grossly out of wack as well. He has yet to complete the sixth inning or give up fewer than three runs. For all the concern about Bubic’s pitching, Hernández isn’t getting it done, either.

The Yankees will counter with Gerrit Cole. Cole is struggling this season; he’s seen his walk rate nearly double his career numbers while he’s striking out fewer too. His situation is not nearly as dire as Hernández’s, his ERA is only 4.00 but at age 31 he might no longer be the ace he’s been for most of his phenomenal career.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that both Kyle Isbel and Edward Olivares are being asked to start tonight as Michael A. Taylor is being given a day off in the middle of a slump that has seen him get only two hits in his last six games, though he has walked six times in that stretch.