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Friday OT thread: Hyped-up expectations

Sometimes reality meets the hype.

Cleveland Guardians v Kansas City Royals Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

Often time things get hyped up only to never live up to the expectations promised. Sometimes the media runs away with a narrative because it is too good to be true. Other times the subject just can’t possibly live up to the lofty standards.

But every so often we get something that lives up to the hype. It is just one game, but opening day of the Bobby Witt Jr. experience gave fans what they were hoping for - a game-winning hit in thrilling fashion. As manager Mike Matheny put it, “Couldn’t have scripted that better, right?”

Your Friday evening off-day questions:

  1. What was something you experienced - a movie, a ballplayer, an event - that was hyped up and actually lived up to the hype?
  2. As a kid we tend to let our imagination get the better of us and hype things up to impossibly high levels. What was something you hyped up beyond realistic expectations only to be let down?
  3. What baseball player’s Major League debut were you most excited for?
  4. What is your prediction on what Bobby Witt Jr.’s 2022 numbers wlil look like at the end of the season?