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Royals Review Radio: Will people lose their jobs?

Plus we look ahead to the draft with Greg Walker.

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There’s no sugarcoating it - the Royals stink. Max Rieper, Matthew LaMar, Jeremy Greco, and Greg Walker discuss the disappointing start to the season and whether it will cost anyone their jobs with the Royals. We also take a sneak preview at this summer’s draft and what the Royals might do with their pick.

You can listen to Greg Walker’s podcast Bat Flips and Infield Shifts here and follow the podcast Twitter account here at @FlipsAndShifts.

Alec Lewis’ article at The Athletic details the progress pitchers have made after leaving Kansas City.

Matthew LaMar writes about how the Royals keep making the same mistakes.

Jeremy Greco’s article on why the Royals will improve.

You can follow Max Rieper on Twitter at @maxrieper, Matthew LaMar at @LaMar_Matt, Hokius at @hokius, and Greg Walker at @Gregnotcreg.

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