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How would you fix the Royals?

You’re the owner, go!

New York Yankees v. Kansas City Royals Photo by Colin Braley/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Royals stink. Even after last night’s season-high eight-run offensive explosion in a win over the Rangers, they still stand at 10-18, the fifth-worst record in baseball. This will almost certainly be their fifth consecutive losing season, and they are barrelling towards another 90+ loss season, which would be their seventh since Dayton Moore took over in 2006.

The offense has been dormant at times and the young pitching prospects have been inconsistent to bad. Heralded prospects have reached the big leagues and struggled. The organization has seen some pitchers leave the organization and have more success. Fans have pointed fingers everywhere, from players like Ryan O’Hearn, Whit Merrifield, and Carlos Santana to pitching coach Cal Eldred to hitting coach Terry Bradshaw to manager Mike Matheny to club president Dayton Moore.

But if it is so easy to fix, what is the solution? 610 Sports producer and host Dusty Likins had a simple question - what would you do with the Royals?

Okay Mr. Smarty Pants, think it's so easy to avoid 90-loss season? YOU are in charge now. You can hire and fire at will. You can make baseball and business decisions (bring back $5 right field general admission!) Who would you fire? Who would you bring in? What would change about the roster? The lineup?

What do you do this year? What would you do long-term? Give us your executive decisions. Get the Royals back to contention!