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Royals Rumblings - News for June 22, 2022

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In his latest mock draft, Keith Law at The Athletic ties the Royals to Virginia Tech outfielder Gavin Cross, noting:

I hear the Royals on a motley collection of players – and note that last year, they went off the board for a high school pitcher, Frank Mozzicato, which allowed them to go over slot with multiple later picks, so they could very easily do so again. Other names I’ve heard here include Green, Justin Crawford, Brock Porter and Neto. They’re the team in the top 10 most likely to take a pitcher, at least for now.

Former Royal Mark Teahen now runs a wine bar in Scottsdale:

Teahen knew his major league career was ending, but still had the drive to play and thought about giving it one more shot overseas. Little did he know it would lead to his next adventure in his life after baseball.

“Since I had prepared for the 2014 season, I looked into playing in Italy as a last hoorah,” Teahen said. “My wife and I booked a week-long trip to Italy. While I was there, I was offered a contract but decided I needed time away from the game. While on that trip, we discovered our next venture, though.”

Thus began the development of Sorso Wine Room. “My wife did not want me to have idle hands, and after years of chasing my baseball career all over North America, we were ready to settle and run a business together,” Teahen said. “My wife had worked her whole life and missed that when we moved from city to city. A wine bar concept was something we saw on our trip to Italy.”

MLB issued a memo to all teams detailing exactly how to muddy up, humidify, store, and transport baseballs.

Max Scherzer made a rehab start and then gave this incredible quote:

More Mets injury updates, including Jacob DeGrom throwing a live batting practice.

Several Old Friend Alerts:

Many MLB teams are using updated pitching machines that can imitate the arsenal of actual pitchers. Do we think the Royals are one of them?

Manny Ramirez said Derek Jeter would be “just a regular player” if he had played in Kansas City, due to the differences in the media intensity.

At FanGraphs, David Laurila asked quite a few Major Leaguers about their favorite baseball memories.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement, again, maybe for real this time.

Shareef O’Neal, son of Shaq, said his dad wanted him to stay in school rather than declare for the NBA draft.

Let’s talk about how the mail works! Here’s a list of things to never send in a paper envelope, and why!

A robot that gives $8 quick manicures is being tested at some Target locations. As a cheapskate who would nonetheless like some pretty nails sometimes, I would try one if I saw it.

Sandra Bullock is taking a break from acting.

Travelers have various reasons to seek alternatives to Airbnb, and here is a list of those.

SOTD: Beyoncé - BREAK MY SOUL. The video contains the following warning at the link: “Warning: This video contains flashing lights which may not be suitable for photosensitive epilepsy.”