My two cents of advice for suffering Royals fans.

I quit being a Royal's fan about 3-4 years ago because I lost faith in Dayton's leadership. Specifically I thought that his thinking was too rigid and he wasn't capable of changing to the extent necessary. So I agree with what many of you have been writing lately.

Anyway after I left the Royals I tried to follow the Rays, but watching that style of baseball was like watching paint dry.

I have ended up following the Mets. Which of course has been really fun this year because they have made some great signings and they are putting the ball in play like the 2015 Royals. One of the great things about following the Mets are the intelligence and honesty of the SNY broadcast team. Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling (and Todd Ziele) are almost always honest and objective.

Anyway here is my 2 cents;

I think all smaller market teams have next to no chance of winning a World Series ring given the gross disparities of income between the teams. Upgrading the Baseball Opertions leadership would improve the quality of the teams fielded but I think it is unrealistic to expect another Championship. Until the playing field is much more level, which is pretty difficult to imagine happening.

I imagine most of you folks can't quit the Royals. I have asked myself if I could continue to follow a team that seldom won and couldn't afford to hold on their best players. I think I could but only if I felt like the baseball operations people knew what they were doing, and the organization (and their broadcasters) were honest about the situation.

What would be most galling to me are the same things that I think are driving most of you folks nuts. The incompetence and biased (non-objective and or p.r, bullshit) thinking.

Sherman is the key. Best of luck to you all pressuring Sherman (and the broadcasters) to make the changes necessary!

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