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Royals Rumblings - News for June 28, 2022

It’s Vinnie Time.

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Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Reed Hoffmann/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for June 28, 2022

Anne Rogers talks to JJ Picollo about the Carlos Santana trade.

“You just look at when you get into the end of June and July, you know that trade discussions are going to pick up more because teams know where they stand at that point than they do in May,” Royals general manager J.J. Picollo said. “So we needed to be patient. Carlos performed very well over the last couple weeks, and we’re happy that he did because it helped his value. And then while all that was happening, Vinnie was accumulating at-bats and kept producing and kept doing things we wanted to see him do.

“His numbers are very solid all around, his splits are good, a big guy who walks as much as he strikes out, and he has as many extra-base hits as he does strikeouts. It’s a rare combination. You just get to that point where you feel it’s time. We’ve always said there needs to be opportunity. There wasn’t clear opportunity until we were able to make this trade.”

The Royals will pick up some of the tab on Santana’s contract.

Kansas City agreed to send $4,269,231 to Seattle, leaving the Mariners to pay just $1.5 million of the remainder of Santana’s salary in the second year of a two-year, $17.5 million contract.

Pete Grathoff talked to Vinnie Pasquantino about his call up.

“Because I tried to call people before they found out, like the people who I really felt should know. I tried to get to them before somebody could get to them first. So I was really trying my best.

“I was going down my contact list and just thinking, ‘Yep, that person should definitely be called’ because there’s so much going on, and today is just one of those days where it’s really cool to have all the support from my family and friends.”

Pete also lists things to know about the slugger George Brett calls “Italian Nightmare.”

Sam McDowell has a few quick thoughts on the Vinnie Pasquantino promotion.

The Royals have publicly said they wanted Pasquantino to get at least 500 plate appearances in the upper levels of the minor leagues (Double-A and Triple-A combined). He surpassed that mark earlier this month.

Beyond that, the Royals have (less publicly) been concerned about the fastball. More specifically, the high fastball. In a recent interview in Omaha, Pasquantino referenced that as a point of his emphasis. The fastball only accelerates — literally — in the majors. How will he handle that?

He might struggle. Guess what? Big-leaguers often do after call-ups.

Sam Dykstra writes about what to expect with Pasquantino.

The Virginia native bats from a slightly open stance and has drawn credit from Royals coordinators and evaluators for the way he uses his lower half to create lift upon contact. In Omaha this season, 43.3 percent of his batted balls were flyballs. He tends to see pitches well through the zone, leading to the high walks and low strikeouts, and won’t often get totally fooled.

Mike Petriello at writes why Pasquantino’s call up is so interesting.

Last year, Pasquantino showed an elite command of the strike zone, walking and whiffing an even 64 times, the fifth-best ratio in the affiliated Minors. He slugged .563, 12th-best. He did both of those things at the same time. He’s doing it again this year. That .576 slugging is seventh-best in Triple-A, and third-best for players 25 and younger. As we noted, he’s walking as much as he whiffs.

David Lesky at Inside the Crown thinks Andrew Benintendi could be a fit for the Phillies.

Enter Andrew Benintendi. It’s kind of the perfect solution for the Phillies. He’s a free agent after the year, so they don’t need to try to manage playing time in the long-term with him, Harper, Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos. Benintendi plays solid defense, which is something the Phillies badly need. And he’s a solid hitter. His power numbers would almost definitely perk up in that ballpark too. And here’s the best part about trading with the Phillies. Dave Dombrowski is in charge. He is obviously fantastic at turning teams into winners, but he definitely does so at a pretty decent expense of not especially worrying about how stocked the farm system is. And the Phillies system isn’t good at all, but there’s also not a ton of value on a pending free agent, even one having a season as good as Benintendi is.

The July 3 Royals-Tigers game that airs on Peacock will have no announcers.

Preston Farr at Kings of Kauffman considers some Michael A. Taylor trade ideas.

Angels manager Phil Nevin gets a ten-game suspension for Sunday’s brawl with the Mariners.

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Is tracking the path of every swing the next analytics breakthrough?

Can the Yankees break the win record?

The Blue Jays sign reliever Sergio Romo.

Who should be in the Home Run Derby?

Max Scherzer’s catchers think he is intense.

What are some big names that could be dealt at the trade deadline?

The sons of Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, Gary Sheffield, and Keith Foulke are all playing together on the same summer team.

LAFC signs attacker Gareth Bale.

Kyrie Irving says he’s staying in Brooklyn.

Alexa can mimic the voice of a dead relative.

Atari was born 50 years ago.

Obi-Wan embraces the Star Wars prequels but doesn’t quite get them.

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