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Royals Rumblings - News for July 13, 2022

Wednesday the 13th, that classic thing.

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Lineup irregularities for the Triple-A Storm Chasers last night may have given some insight into what the Royals will do with their roster as they head to Toronto.

Regulars like Nick Pratto, Nate Eaton, Brewer Hicklen, Michael Massey, and Freddy Fermin were absent.

The Royals are presently #20 on the FanGraphs farm system ranking. More info here.

At MLB Trade Rumors, Darragh McDonald highlights Brad Keller as an under-the-radar trade target.

Some chalk lines will be added to fields in the Florida State League to limit shifts.

David Laurila at FanGraphs talked to the Orioles co-hitting coach about approaches. It’s really interesting, including notes about dialing back a swing in certain situations. The Orioles just won their 9th consecutive game.

Some advice for snagging a ball at a MLB or MiLB game. I can add: use your damn manners! I watch players and coaches decide where to throw baseballs every day, and the bottom tier is the super loud “BALL BALL! HERE! BALL!” shouters. A little “please” and “thanks” goes a long way.

The NBA will impose a penalty for take fouls starting next season.

Coming soon: 24/7 Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune.

Three people were charged with crimes after stealing handwritten lyrics to Hotel California and trying to sell them. The jokes in jail will write themselves...

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