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Weekend Rumblings - News for July 16, 2022

Congrats to Nick Pratto for his first MLB hit!

Kansas City Royals v Chicago Cubs Photo by David Durochik/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for July 16, 2022

Whit Merrifield went on 610 Sports to clarify his comments on possibly getting vaccinated if he was on a contender.

“When I looked back (Wednesday) and read what I said, I instantly knew that what I had said didn’t come out anywhere like I wanted it to come out, like I was trying to say,” Merrifield told radio host Cody Tapp.

“I wish I would have caught it in the moment. I could have corrected myself in the moment, but unfortunately it took me actually reading my quote, to see how it’s perceived. “I just wanted to clarify that. And, really, what kept me up at night was were people thinking that I don’t love Kansas City, and I haven’t really loved every minute that I’ve been in Kansas City, that I don’t love my teammates.”

Craig Brown at Into the Fountain reacts to the young kids playing in Toronto.

Nick Pratto’s defense in his debut was as advertised. You can just see how comfortable he is around the bag. There’s plenty of talk about Pratto’s soft hand, but for me, the footwork for a first baseman is so key and it’s clear Pratto has a fantastic sense of where he should set up and how he should move.

The soft hands were on display in the fourth when he fielded a couple of hard-hit grounders. Hell, you could see the whole package on how he handled pickoff moves.

We discussed this earlier in the year and it’s a shame Adalberto Mondesi isn’t part of this, but an infield defense that consists of Witt at short, Lopez at second and now Pratto at first is absolutely elite.

Jon Heyman has the latest on trade talk with the Royals.

The Dodgers have looked at Whit Merrifield, whose 553 consecutive-game streak was halted by a big toe injury the day before it would have been halted due to hitting the restricted list as the team went to Toronto. Merrifield is day-to-day (though his vaccination status may lower his trade value).

The Royals won’t trade Zack Greinke unless he specifically requests a deal, which is unlikely, since he bought a house in Kansas City.

Nate Eaton’s mom was cheering him on at his MLB debut.

“The only voice I could hear was my mom’s,” said Eaton. “These are the people that have been there my entire life and they sacrificed so much for me to get to this point, because without them, I couldn’t have been here. So to make them proud is really awesome.”

The Connecticut Insider profiles local boy Frank Mozzicato in Columbia, South Carolina.

Mozzicato tries not to think the major leagues too often, even if it’s occasionally fun to discuss around the card table. He just shows up at Segra Park, reminding himself that every bullpen session, every lift, every start is the most important thing he’ll do all year.

Mozzicato isn’t even a Connecticut resident anymore. There are Florida plates on his Porsche. He has an apartment lined up for the offseason in Jupiter, not far from Cressey Sports Performance, the training company he has worked with the past couple years.

A year removed from his breezy East Catholic experience and a year into this grind, Mozzicato said, “I’m a way better pitcher, in the sense of looking at hitters’ swings and where their holes are. In high school, I could just go fastball, fastball, fastball if I really wanted to. Or fastball, fastball, curveball. This is so much different, figuring out swings, seeing if they’re late or early, where their hands start, where their barrel is in the zone. I’d have to say, I’m a better pitcher. But it’s harder.”

Alec Marsh will replace Nick Pratto in the Futures Game in Los Angeles.

Alex Duvall at Royals Farm Report pens an open letter to the front office.

Trevor Hahn at Inside the Royals thinks the team has a leadership issue.

The Kansas City Monarchs will retire Buck O’Neil’s number after his Hall of Fame induction.

MLB announces its Home Run Derby participants.

A look at the top 30 trade candidates.

The Marlins will call up 2020 third overall pick Max Meyer to start today.

The Rangers and pitcher Martin Perez have mutual interest in a contract extension.

Dodger Stadium concession workers won’t strike for the All-Star Game after progress is made on a deal.

MLB settles a lawsuit from minor leaguers over wage and overtime violations.

The film A League of their Own endures because it is personal.

The IOC reinstates Jim Thorpe as sole winner of 1912 Olympic decathlon and pentathlon.

Tiger Woods fails to make the cut at The British Open.

A bored Chinese housewife spent years falsifying Russian history on Wikipedia.

How the world changed its mind on Tracy Flick.

A ranking of Matt Damon’s best cameos.

Your song of the day is Doobie Brothers with Listen To The Music.