I Want to Care Again

I'll admit I've only been half paying attention to the Royals this year. I was hoping to see new blood on the roster when the season began, but we all know that really didn't happen. There was Witt, and that was it. Injuries have brought Vinnie and MJM up from Omaha, not savvy decisions by the front office. Then the COVID debacle happened, again forcing DM/JJ's hand. If DM/JJ want me to care about this team any time soon, they need to run with the new guys ASAP.

Just how do you run with the new guys so fast when you have all this dead weight on the roster? DM has said it himself, you become "more transactional." DM/JJ need to spend this All Star break working harder than they ever have before, shoring up a weak pitching staff and jettisoning veterans as quickly as possible. They need youth on the roster and they need it now. Dozier, Merrifield, and MAT need to be gone before the Royals play another game. Anyone on the 40-man who wasn't eligible to play in Toronto should be trade bait this week.

The Royals showed that they can compete with the young fielding players waiting in the wings. The Royals need decent pitching now. If DM/JJ really want to get people interested, then go for the biggest prize of them all: Shohei Ohtani. Package Singer, Barlow, and MJM in the deal if needed. Then trade for young pitching with other teams with the trade pieces remaining. The players who were on the field in Toronto were fun, dynamic players who were willing to do what they needed to play. They don't need "veteran presence" when it means s***ting on your team.

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