Kansas City Win and Loss Breakdown at the Break

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Time to take some stock now that we are at the All-Star Break. Just wanted to break down the wins and losses so far and see if there is any interesting bits and pieces in there.

Against Good and Bad Teams:

The first thing that really stands out is how bad the Royals have been against teams with winning records. It looks a little better if you break it down like this:

Against Below .500

W 15 – 15L

Against .500 or above

W 21 – 41 L

However, if you strip out the exactly .500 teams, White Sox and Orioles, who the Royals have gone 7 and 8 against, then this happens:

Against teams above .500

W 14 -33 L for a .298 win percentage, ouch. Too be fair, 10 of those games are against the Yankees and Astros who are the two best teams in the AL by far plus a lot of Toronto games who are in the top third in wins in baseball in possibly the toughest division ever. Still, there are plenty of middle third teams like the Cardinals, Guardians, and Twins in there too. The Royals have been even against the bad and at .500 teams, which is not where you want to be either. You need to fatten up on bad teams, not just tread water.

Home versus Road:

The Royals have played 46 home games and 46 road games so far, which is convenient. They have been slightly better at home winning 19 (.413) games versus 17 (370) on the road. The average winning percentage of the opposing team on the road was .496 and at home the average was .504, so they won more at home versus slightly (non-statistically significant) better competition.

Run Distribution of Wins and Losses:

This shows just how bad the pitching has been. The Royals are below .500 when scoring 1, 2, 3, and 4 runs and even at 5. They are finally above .500 if they score 6 runs, and then back to .500 in games where they score 7. It takes a lot of runs to make sure they win a game


The Royals are average 15,762 fans per game, 10% more than 2021, and still 14.8% less than the last full season pre-pandemic in 2019.

The trend for the year has been pretty flat, the spikes are generally weekend games with promotions like the last one there, game 36 at home, was a Salvy bobblehead Sunday game. The sub-10K games seem to have gone away since summer arrived, but it is hard to draw super well with a bad team. Oddly bone marrow transplant day didn’t do as well as a promotion.

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