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Royals Rumblings - News for July 20, 2022

Congrats to the American League

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The American League defeated the National League 3-2 in last night’s All-Star Game. Did you watch?

This was such a lovely way to wish Rachel Robinson a happy 100th birthday. All the players were in on it, and it was so much more human than some of MLB’s more “produced” moments that sometimes get in their own way.

The All-Star Game started with Shoehei Ohtani stating that he was looking forward to swinging at the first pitch and hitting. And then he did! But then Clayton Kershaw picked him off of first!

A comprehensive rundown by Steve Adams at MLB Trade Rumors seeking a fit for a Juan Soto trade. The Royals are not on the list.

David Pinto of Baseball Musings highlighted a Mariners case for trading for Soto, and included some betting odds on his next team as well.

One more Soto item: the Nationals refused to charter a flight for him for the Home Run Derby, amid less-than-happy contract negotiations. Or, non-negotiation at this point.

MLB is moving ahead with ads on uniforms in 2023.

Speaking of MLB and monetary relationships. MLBPA head Tony Clark is uneasy about the closeness of gambling and Baseball:

“We’re entering a very delicate and, dare I say, dangerous world here. We hope that it is truly beneficial for our game moving forward and that everyone who is involved benefits from it in one fashion or another. But when you have players suggest that no sooner was PASPA repealed, that they started to have book houses following them on social media, that gets you a little twitchy pretty quick.”

Meanwhile, commissioner Rob Manfred rejects the premise that Minor League Players are paid less than a living wage. Rob Manfred’s salary is reportedly $17.5 million per year. How long do you think he would survive on MiLB wages?

Netflix is releasing a documentary about Manti Te’o’s girlfriend Lennay Kekua, who neither died in a crash nor actually existed. I know I had a job at the time that story broke, but I also know I spent a LOT of time in comment sections talking about it. (Sorry to that workplace.) There’s more information at the link, or you can just watch the trailer:

How to make cheese nuggets in your air fryer.

It’s Mortification Week at Ask a Manager! One letter from one of yesterday’s collections:

As an intern I was trying to compliment an older, seasoned woman on my team who was so smart and capable. I said something along the lines of, “You are so great and wizened.” She gave me a funny look, but I didn’t think much of it. Friends, “wizened” doesn’t mean “awesome and wise, like a wizard.”

You can also browse the mortification tag if you want to stew in other people’s misery.

Today’s borrowed Reddit question: What’s something that’s always wrongly depicted in movies and tv shows? My answer is by way of my late father, who taught me that Ambu-bags in medical dramas are almost always done wrong!

I used to read a blog, in about 2007 or 2008, that reviewed episodes of House compared to real-life medicine. I couldn’t find it again in a cursory search last night. Did anyone else happen to know about such a site? RIP blogs.

SOTD: Lizzo - 2 Be Loved. This one has such a bouncy, breezy sound. I haven’t made a definitive ranking of tracks on her new album but this one will be toward the top.