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Royals sign top pick Gavin Cross; draft signing tracker

Who will sign?

2022 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Now that the draft has concluded, the news should trickle in on which players have signed. The deadline to sign players is August 1. There are no longer short-season rookie ball teams, so any players that sign will either head to the Royals’ spring training complex in Arizona or be assigned to a full-season minor league team, most likely the Low-A Columbia Fireflies.

Each draft slot is assigned a value by MLB. A team can spend more or less than the slot on a player, but the total amount of money must be under the total amount of their slot value for the first ten rounds. If a team exceeds their total amount, they will be penalized. A team that exceeds their bonus pool by 0-5 percent will pay a 75 percent tax on the overage. If a team exceeds their pool by more than 5 percent, they will lose a future first-round pick. If they exceed by more than 10 percent, they will lose a second-round pick as well, plus pay a 100 percent tax on the overage. If a team exceeds their pool by 15 percent, they will lose two first-round picks, plus pay the 100 percent tax on the overage.

After the first ten rounds, players are assigned a bonus slot of $125,000. If teams sign them for more than that, it comes out of their assigned bonus pool. MLB has slightly adjusted bonus pool amounts, so the Royals will have a total of $9,468,500 in their bonus pool.

July 22 update: First-round pick Gavin Cross has signed.

July 24 update: The Royals have signed 15 draft picks so far.

The Royals are also signing undrafted free agents. Here are the players they have signed so far:

C Jack Alexander, Austin Peay - Hit .346/.425/.649 with 14 HR. Was going to transfer to Tennessee. Born in Belton, MO, but went to high school in Georgia.

RHP Marcus Olivarez, University of Texas - Had a 0.69 ERA with 21 K and 13 BB in 26 innings this year.

RHP Nicholas Regalado, Florida SouthWestern State - Had a 3.86 ERA with 48 K and 20 BB in 37.1 IP. Was set to transfer to Miami.

OF Brett Squires, University of Oklahoma - Hit .310/.432/.516 with 7 HR and 7 SB for the Sooners.

LHP Jordan Woods, Oakville, Ontario - Low 90s fastball with a good curve, pitched for the Canadian national team before he had Tommy John surgery. Was committed to East Tennessee State.

We’ll be tracking and updating all the draft signings and bonus amounts right here.

Last updated: August 1

2022 Royals draft class

Round Overall Player School Bonus Slot Difference
Round Overall Player School Bonus Slot Difference
1 9 OF Gavin Cross Virginia Tech $5,200,200 $5,200,200 $0
2 49 3B Cayden Wallace University of Arkansas $1,700,000 $1,584,900 $0
3 87 RHP Mason Barnett Auburn University $697,500 $724,600 -$27,100
4 115 RHP Steven Zobac Univ. of California-Berkeley $500,000 $528,000 -$28,000
5 145 LHP Hunter Patteson University of Central Florida $394,500 $394,500 $0
6 175 C Hayden Dunhurst University of Mississippi $300,000 $298,800 $1,200
7 205 RHP Mack Anglin Clemson University $231,100 $233,600 -$2,500
8 235 RHP Wesley Scott Walters State Community College $184,000 $186,500 -$2,500
9 265 RHP Brandon Johnson University of Mississippi $47,500 $163,800 -$116,300
10 295 OF Levi Usher University of Louisville $72,500 $153,600 -$81,100
Total $9,327,300 $9,468,500 -$256,300
11 325 RHP David Sandlin University of Oklahoma $400,000 $125,000 $275,000
12 355 SS Jack Pineda Baylor University $147,000 $125,000 $22,000
13 385 LHP Ryan Ramsey University of Maryland $125,000 $125,000 $0
14 415 RHP Ben Sears University of Houston $125,000 $125,000 $0
15 445 OF Javier Vaz Vanderbilt University Signed
16 475 LHP Cooper McKeehan Brigham Young University $125,000 $125,000 $0
17 505 LHP Chazz Martinez University of Oklahoma $125,000 $125,000 $0
18 535 OF Milo Rushford Walden Grove HS (AZ) $125,000 $125,000 $0
19 565 RHP Tommy Szczepanski Garber HS (MI)
20 595 SS/RHP Austin Charles Stockdale HS (CA) $429,500 $125,000 $304,500
Total $345,200
Additional five percent overage -$473,425
Total -$128,225