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Royals Rumblings - News for July 6, 2022

Today is Wednesday, not Tuesday.

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Minda Haas Kuhlmann

An injury update:

At the mothership, Anne Rogers profiled pitching prospect Ben Kudrna:

The other impressive thing about Kudrna’s start to his career has been the development of his changeup. Kudrna rocketed up Draft boards last year with his 95-97 mph heater and his strong, durable 6-foot-3 frame. He threw a slider in high school and showed a potential for a changeup, but the Royals knew they were getting what Gibson calls a “blank slate” when they signed him away from his LSU commitment last summer.

In other words, it’s the perfect situation to teach a changeup.

“With young guys that are sort of a blank slate, they’re the easiest ones to teach it to, because you find a comfortable grip, you get in the mindset of throwing a fastball with a changeup grip, and it’s a lot easier,” Gibson said. “As players get older and experiment with more pitches, they have a tendency to want to work the ball with their hand, manipulate the ball a little bit more, so once they go down that road, it’s harder to find a grip and find a comfort zone.”

At The Athletic, Alec Lewis eyes the Yankees as potential trade partners for the Royals with Andrew Benintendi:

It’s difficult to spot a need for a team that is 58-22, but if the New York Yankees were to upgrade their roster, it would likely be with an outfield addition. It seems as if Benintendi would be the ideal fit in this scenario. Not only does he provide a table-setting ability for the Yankees’ monstrous power hitters such as Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, but his left-handed-hitting ability also fits well at Yankee Stadium. Last season, he hit 13 home runs; Baseball Savant calculated that he’d have hit 23 home runs at Yankee Stadium. And, let’s say the Yankees also want to improve their depth: Why not ask for a player such as Merrifield?

The Yankees also have numerous prospects to offer, specifically on the pitching side. Luis Medina and Yoendrys Gómez mirror the ages of many of the Royals’ pitching prospects if that’s the route Kansas City wants to pursue. Conversely, if the Royals are seeking a center fielder, why not all-around hitter Everson Pereira? In general, for as much as the Royals’ fans would cringe seeing organizational stalwarts (such as a Merrifield) or high-impact players (such as Benintendi) in pinstripes, the partnership could be most beneficial for the Royals’ future.

Although maybe the Dodgers are now in the mix for Benintendi, following Chris Taylor’s foot fracture?

Omaha pals! Come see Daniel Lynch pitch in today’s doubleheader on a rehab assignment, and berm tickets are just $2.70 this week! (That’s not any kind of affiliate link, nor are there any commissions for me or Royals Review tied to ticket sales. I just like sharing bargains In These Times.)

One more Omaha thing: look at what Jimmy Govern wrote on the bat he gave this fan.

MLB and the MLBPA agreed that an extra All-Star can be added for each league, to honor career achievements.

White Sox reliever (and former Royal) Liam Hendriks spoke frankly in the wake of the mass shooting at an Independence Day parade.

At FanGraphs, Ben Clemens wonders how and why the MLB record for most team homers in a single game is still 10, set by the Blue Jays in 1987.

“freedom means something completely different to me this year,” wrote Brittney Griner in a letter to President Biden. Griner is still being detained in Russia.

Apparently CDs (compact discs, not certificates of deposit) are coming back! Do you like to listen to CDs? I still have my hulking stereo circa 2002 with a 3-disc changer.

Have there been Gentleminion sightings at your local movie theaters?

What’s the bigger issue in this Ask a Manager letter: the consultant or Bob’s boss? Has your workplace ever brought in a consultant? What was that like? Or are YOU a consultant?

Seems like HIPAA hasn’t been adapted to tecnology, so health-related apps and at-home tests aren’t covered.

TV recommendation: The Bear, on Hulu.

SOTD: Wilco - Via Chicago