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Royals Rumblings - News for July 8, 2022

Everyone wants Andrew Benintendi.

MLB: JUL 04 Royals at Astros Photo by Juan DeLeon/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for July 8, 2022

Kris Bubic had mixed results in the series finale against the Astros.

“It was frustrating because honestly, regardless of what the box score says, I feel like I had them kind of right where I wanted to in a lot of counts, in a lot of situations,” Bubic said. “I let a couple counts run long and, obviously, that’s when the walks piled up. Looking back, none of those six walks did score. I just got hurt by some damage in that one inning.”

The Royals are focusing on the positives from the road trip.

“We have some guys filling some different roles in the bullpen, and that’s never easy, especially with guys who haven’t been around very long,” manager Mike Matheny said. “That’s going to continue to be a work in progress, continue to give guys opportunities and see who takes advantage of them. But overall, as I look through this whole road trip, our starters went man-to-man and gave us a great chance to win.”

Andrew Benintendi continues to hit.

Royals manager Mike Matheny pointed to Benintendi’s tendency to take walks, hit singles and not hunt home runs or get too big with his swing as a sign of maturity. Matheny said the type of hitter Benintendi has become is the type that puts himself in serious contention for a batting title.

“When he gets off track just a little bit, he makes real good adjustments in-game, but also from game to game,” Matheny said. “If he has one day where he’s not hitting anything hard, he’ll look around the field. He’ll take what they’re giving him. He’s just one of those throwback hitters where he’s not trying to fall into any one pattern. You can’t pitch him any one way. He’s always thinking.”

Doctors cleared Bobby Witt Jr. for his hand injury but he was held out as a precaution on Thursday.

“It’s been still just kind of a little bit swollen, but it feels better,” Witt said of his hand. “I feel like I’ll probably be good to go whenever.”

Jeff Passan was on 610 Sports to talk about the trade interest in Andrew Benintendi.

“Andrew Benintendi is that very unique deadline player. Everyone wants him,” Passan said. “The low payroll teams want him, the high payroll teams want him. Big markets want him, small markets want him. When Andrew Benintendi goes, I think Kansas City better get an absolute haul for him because the interest is, frankly, just off the charts from everyone.

Mark Feinsand at looks at glaring needs for each contender.

Rockies: Starting pitcherAntonio Senzatela’s shoulder issues and Austin Gomber’s ineffectiveness have created a need within the Rockies’ starting rotation. Colorado would benefit from the addition of a ground-ball pitcher that could eat innings.

Potential fit: Brad Keller, Royals

David Lesky at Inside the Crown notes that pitching is the glaring problem in the first half.

I mentioned this on Twitter the last two nights, but the Royals have been almost comically bad in situations where the offense has really done enough to win. Even with the win last night, they are now 19-20 in games where they’ve scored four or more runs. Nobody else is below .500. Only the Reds are at .500. The third worst team has a winning percentage of .614. The league, including them, is 973-342. That’s a winning percentage of .740. If the Royals had the league average winning percentage, they’d be (drumroll, please) 40-40.

Can you imagine a world where this particular Royals team is 40-40?

At Baseball Prospectus, Patrick Dubuque wonders when teams should fire their executives.

But while baseball salaries have transitioned to the future tense, they’ve failed to apply the same logic to their own executives. Does Dayton Moore, seven years after reaching the top of the mountain, deserve to be fired? Does Al Avila? How much more time should Jerry Dipoto get if the M’s finish at .500? Just the fact that we struggle to answer that question is a failure of communication. If these were players, we could look at their track records, age, health, underlying metrics, project a 2023 season from him, and plan accordingly. That’s what the men do with his own players. But there are no projections for Dayton Moore.

What we do know is that it’s very hard to fire an executive who has succeeded in the past, but the very actions of MLB executives toward their own employees should tell us that the past doesn’t matter. If teams are refusing to pay Aaron Judge in 2023 for what he did in 2022, why would you with his front office?

Kevin O’Brien at Royals Reporter writes that walk issues have daunted the pitching staff in the first half.

Jordan Foote of Inside the Royals wonders if it is time to draw conclusions about Jose Cuas.

Royals Farm Report has a 2022 draft guide for sale.

Braves pitcher Spencer Strider becomes the first rookie pitcher in over 100 years to strike out 11+ and allow two or fewer hits in consecutive starts.

Cardinals pitcher Jordan Hicks throws the fastest pitch of the year.

The Diamondbacks are open to trading from their outfield depth.

The Mets have interest in Nelson Cruz.

Dates and venues for the 2023 World Baseball Classic are announced.

Chris Sale offers to pay for the damage to a minor league clubhouse he caused for an outburst.

What pitchers should start the All-Star game?

An advocacy group sends a letter to Congress asking for protections for minor league players.

Who are the most and least consistent hitters this year?

Former Theranos executive Sunny Balwani is found guilty of fraud.

Human pee may be the key to saving seagrass.

The post-credits scene in Thor: Love and Thunder reveal a casting surprise.

Your song of the day is Chaka Khan with I Feel For You.