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Please welcome new writer Brian Henry

Give him the Royal Treatment!

MLB: JUL 13 Tigers at Royals

It isn’t just the Royals who are surging with a new lineup, here at Royals Review we are shaking things up as well by adding Brian Henry to our writing staff. But Brian is no rookie, at least not to Royals Review. He has been a member on this site for a decade posting as “RoyalTreatment”. He has written some really terrific Fanposts lately like this one on how the lineup has changed, this one on Vinnie Pasquantino, and this one on Nicky Lopez.

Here’s a bit more about Brian:

I grew up watching the end of George Brett’s career and Bo Jackson breaking bats in new and exciting ways. Then the Royals got very bad for a very long time. My love of baseball, and Ken Griffey Jr. highlights, sustained me through the 90s, and then in college I found rotisserie fantasy baseball to make it through the Allard Baird era. All those teams taught me a lot about what makes a team good and what makes a team bad, especially that fluky 2003 team. It was also a time when Tom Tango and Rany Jazayerli and a multitude of other internet writers were there to sherpa me into the SABR world.

The Royals finally got good when my kids were little, and after the World Series win that I had waited my entire life for, I fell away from baseball some. I still looked at how the team was doing, but I wasn’t watching at least part of 100 games a year anymore. About two years ago my son started falling in love with baseball too, and this year he was all in. He is now 9, and he wanted to watch the Royals with me. As I watched I started having ideas that ended up in the fanpost section here at Royals Review. It was creative and fun, a way to reconnect with the sport that I had let lay fallow for some time. The new crop of young players have some promise, and I am looking forward to seeing if they can replicate what Moose, Salvy, and Hosmer did in the last run.

My background is as a finance professor, and I also teach business statistics, so I will generally be a little more stats focused because I love the stories that the numbers tell. I’ve been lurking around Royals Review almost since its inception, and I am very excited to be a little more involved in the special community that exists here.

Please join me in welcoming Brian to the site as a writer!