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Royals Rumblings - News for August 25, 2022

RIP, Len Dawson.

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Close Up Portrait of Len Dawson

Royals Rumblings - News for August 25, 2022

Josh Staumont talked about going multiple innings before he landed on the Injured List.

Staumont hadn’t pitched since he threw one inning last Thursday. He lauded Matheny for “transparency” and giving him a heads up before the game that he’d be pushed further than in recent outings.

“For us to throw 34 pitches. For us to throw 24 pitches compared to 44 pitches, you’re not any more or less sore the next day,” Staumont said. “It’s kind of like a little bit of an intensity thing. It’s a little bit of how often are you doing that type of thing. I had a ton of rest before coming into yesterday. It’s August. We’re all in throwing shape. Throwing isn’t going to hurt anything on a daily basis.

“My goal last night was to throw as much as I could knowing that our bullpen was a little thin. That’s just the nature of the game. Some days, we have everybody up. Some days we don’t. Knowing yesterday I was going to go and just give everything, I was just grateful for the opportunity to kind of get some innings in and throw.”

Jonathan Heasley talked about vomiting during his start Tuesday, something he did in a start in the minors and in high school as well.

“Nothing I can do to stop it,” Heasley said. “Just kind of hits me sometimes. It’s a mix of adrenaline and everything, get a little amped up. … I think it’s just the day of … I get super excited, super amped up. Competitive. Unfortunately, it goes straight to my stomach, and sometimes, it comes out.”

David Lesky at Inside the Crown reviews the ugly loss on Tuesday.

Those five walks brought the total to nine. It was the fourth time they’ve walked nine or more, which is actually not the most in baseball. It’s second-most. It was the eighth time they’ve walked eight or more. That’s the most. It was the 14th time they’ve walked seven or more. That’s the most. And it was the 29th time they’ve walked six or more. That’s the most by seven times. The difference between the Royals and the team that’s done it the second-most times is the same as the difference between that team (the Rangers) and the team that’s done it 14th-most.

When an organizational edict coming into the season is to throw more strikes and then the team puts up the worst walk rate in baseball, the second-worst strikeout rate in baseball and has that many games with that many walks, I just don’t think that’s a good sign. Cal Eldred is the pitching coach until he’s not the pitching coach, so it’s hard to see a path where he gets fired given that this isn’t anything new, but I will be surprised if he’s back next season.

Craig Brown at Into the Fountains looks at the offensive struggles.

A slow start. A recovery. A few hot streaks and a few slumps. Then a big dive. Witt is ascendant once again and, because this is baseball, I’d bet the Baby Royals as a group will find the accelerator pedal and punch it to the floor fairly soon. Sure, I wish that Witt’s offensive profile was more Julio Rodríguez or Adley Rutschman but I continue to maintain the Royals shortstop (or is he a third baseman?) will be just fine. His progression features a few more bumps along the way.

Pratto is the one I’m worried about going forward. His 50 percent strikeout rate is quite something and you’d have to say that feels low for what we’ve seen from him. He just looks lost at the plate.

R.J. Anderson at CBS Sports lists the executives on the hot seat.

Moore has his quirks, but he’s almost universally praised within the game as a human being and leader. Professional baseball is a results-based business, though, and at some point it’s worth wondering when Moore’s results will take precedent. The Royals haven’t had a .500 season or better since 2016, and they’ve enjoyed just three winning efforts since he took over the reins in 2006. The Royals did reach back-to-back World Series, winning the 2015 edition, and that surely earned him a fountain of good will. (Of course, Daniels’ Rangers had also won consecutive pennants a few years prior, and that didn’t spare him in the end.) New Royals owner John Sherman promoted Moore earlier this year to club president (with J.J. Picollo taking over as GM), suggesting he’s content to carry on with the status quo for now.

MLB Pipeline updates their organizational rankings with the Royals listed at #21.

Trey Donovan at Inside the Royals highlights how solid Amir Garrett has been lately.

Fernando Tatis Jr. apologizes for his mistakes and reveals he will get shoulder surgery.

A sale of the Angels could mean Shohei Ohtani is traded, here’s who could land him.

Cody Bellinger’s decline is starting to look permanent.

Oneil Cruz hits the hardest-hit ball of the Statcast era and it was just a single.

Then-Astros executive Jeff Luhnow deleted his phone data before turning it over in MLB’s investigation of sign-stealing.

Wizards and Capitals owner Ted Leonsis emerges as a potential owner for the Washington Nationals.

Former MLB outfielder Kenny Lofton is sued, accused of sending photos of his penis to a co-worker.

Paramount tops Amazon’s offer with a $1.5 billion deal for Champions League rights.

Remembering Chiefs legend Len Dawson.

What’s good about environmental review, and how it can be reformed.

Devastating global droughts are revealing warships, dino footprints, and ancient megaliths.

The best TV series finales, ranked.

Your song of the day is Julie Newton with Queen of Hearts.