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Weekend Rumblings - News for August 27, 2022

Should the Royals extend Brady Singer?

Arizona Diamondbacks v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for August 27, 2022

Sam McDowell writes about the new hitting approach young Royals hitters are taking.

“You can’t cover the whole plate,” Royals general manager J.J. Picollo said. “I think the guys who have adapted well to what we’re doing, you handle a certain part of the plate, and you swing at good pitches.

“It’s not cookie-cutter (to where) every left-handed hitter is going to look for these pitches, and every right-handed hitter is going to look for these pitches. It’s understanding what you do want to hit and what you do hit hard.”

The players are educated on which pitches they hit well, and those they hit poorly. Other game-planning implementation depends on the player — some want to know the vertical break of a pitcher’s arsenal. For others, the preference is pitch shape. Maybe it’s pitch identification. They’re provided all of it.

And each day, they try to match their own strength against the information of an opposing pitcher.

Craig Brown at Into the Fountain writes about the improvements from Brady Singer.

Look at all the positives. The 12 strikeouts against Tampa. The 10 against the Yankees where he twirled seven shutout innings. The Royals are 7-2 in Singer’s last nine starts, with one of those losses coming in that Yankee game by a 1-0 scoreline. The other was the previously mentioned White Sox game which the Royals lost 4-1.

Singer has a 2.01 ERA in those starts. An almost 4:1 SO:BB ratio. Opponents are hitting .212 against him with a .281 OBP and, get this…a .291 slugging percentage. Seriously! He’s faced 226 batters and allowed eight extra-base hits. Eight!

David Lesky at Inside the Crown looks at a potential Singer contract extension.

The free agent years are tough here. While he would make $20 million or more if he continues that, the Royals likely won’t pay him as if this is the norm now after such a small track record. And Singer will want that. So where’s the compromise? Is Singer more Jon Gray/Eduardo Rodriguez? Or does he belong in the Ray/Gausman group? I think maybe you split the difference. Give him $15 million in that first year and $18 million in the second year. Doing that puts the deal at six years and $61 million. I’d drop a $23 million option or something with a $2 million buyout and you can get it to six years and $63 million.

Denny Matthews reveals he used to be a practice receiver for Len Dawson.

Jordan Foote at Inside the Royals writes how the Royals mishandled Michael A. Taylor.

Jared Perkins at Royals Farm Report writes about an under-the-radar Royals prospect, infielder Lizandro Rodriguez.

Mike Gillespie at Kings of Kauffman writes why next year will be different.

Mariners rookie outfielder Julio Rodriguez signs a massive deal that could be worth well over $400 million.

Pitcher Tyler Glasnow signs a two-year extension with the Rays.

Cuban teenager Luis Morales may get a record-breaking sum from the international bonus pool.

How the Baltimore Orioles have jumped into contention.

How will the new balanced schedule affect strength of schedule?

Some big names commit to play for Team USA at the World Baseball Classic.

MLB players will head to Korea this November for a series.

Rod Carew and other Hall of Famers confront Rob Manfred over the state of the game.

An early look at next year’s potential NFL quarterback carousel.

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NBC is considering ending prime time programming an hour earlier.

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