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Royals Rumblings - News for August 3, 2022

The Royals traded Whit Merrifield to the Blue Jays right at the deadline:

The Royals made two 11th-hour moves, sending Whit Merrifield to Toronto and Cam Gallagher to San Diego.

Juan Soto’s destination was the big question mark that would shape the rest of yesterday’s deadline dealing, which means that for weeks if not months, annoying reply guys have harangued every Twitter user even remotely related to MLB news to “announce Soto.”

So when it happened:


A whole host of former Royals are headed to new teams:

At FanGraphs, Justin Choi took a look at the stuff of new Royal Luke Weaver (head to the link for tables and data!)

...the changeup is getting way more drop than it used to, along with extra arm-side fade. (Here, a lower vertical movement number equals more drop.) Despite a small sample, we can tell this is a genuine development because of the physical properties of the changeup; it’s spinning on a different axis than before and seems to be benefiting from more seam-shifted wake. That explains why stuff models like Cameron Grove’s are appreciative of Weaver’s efforts, viewing the new and improved changeup as a plus offering. He has always been able to command the slow ball; this is the first time he’s backed that up with enhanced movement.

But while the changeup has undergone a makeover, his four-seam fastball has trended in the opposite direction, from good to average.

Not much for off-topic today. A peek behind the curtain: because of my work for the Omaha Storm Chasers, sometimes I have to write Wednesday Rumblings on Tuesday afternoon before heading to the ballpark to work on photos until the wee hours. It was an extra scramble with the trade deadline.

But I do love this question from Lifehacker: What pandemic purchase do you regret?

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