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Royals Rumblings - News for August 30, 2022

Can the Royals sign Bobby Witt Jr. to a long-term deal?

Arizona Diamondbacks v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for August 30, 2022 writers list one potential September callup for each team.

Royals: SS Maikel Garcia

The Royals have an interesting decision on their hands with how many young position players they already have on their big league roster and the balance manager Mike Matheny has to take every day to get everyone playing time. So there’s a case to be made that they would want Garcia, 22, to stay in Triple-A to get everyday at-bats, rather than configure his playing time alongside the other Royals infielders, like Bobby Witt Jr., Michael Massey and Nicky Lopez. But Garcia is tearing up Triple-A with an .846 OPS since he was optioned there in early August. The other option is outfielder Nate Eaton, but because he was optioned on Aug. 22, he won’t be able to return until 15 days later, which is the second week of September.

David Lesky at Inside the Crown looks at the financial flexibility the Royals will have the next few years.

What I’m not so sure about is where the fits do lie this winter on the free agent market. But there could be some creativity. Could they go out and sign someone like Josh Bell and move one of the first basemen for pitching? Or should they spend big on the free agent pitching market with a couple of splashes like Carlos Rodon and, I don’t know, Michael Fulmer? Or maybe they can use that flexibility to take on a big contract in a trade like someone such as Madison Bumgarner to get a better return? That may not be the best example because the return they’d want is Zac Gallen and the Diamondbacks aren’t going to hamper their return for him if they moved him, but you get the idea. The Royals are in a position where they should be able to spend. Because of the timing of their contracts, the time is now and the 2023/2024 offseason. I don’t believe we know what kind of an owner John Sherman is yet, but I think we’ll have a much better idea in about five months.

Josh Vernier at 610 Sports considers how the Julio Rodriguez contract may affect Bobby Witt Jr.

“Interesting deal, very interesting and complex deal,” he said. “The floor of it is eight years at $120 million. Basically it could be an eight year deal, it could be an 18 year deal. More than likely it’s a 13-year deal. Bottom line, it’s $15 million per season. I don’t think Bobby Witt Jr. is going to sign a contract that pays him a guaranteed $15 million per season. I understand Rodriguez’s OPS is 50 points higher, he has more home runs, he’s only one stolen base back, and he’s six months younger than Bobby Witt Jr. But [he] only signed for $1.75 million and that was back as a 16-year old five years ago. Bobby Witt signed for $8 million, and that was just three years ago. Bobby’s old man also made $21 million in his career and is serving as his representation. Julio Rodriguez comes from a strong family, but I’m pretty sure – I can’t guarantee it – but reading about him, it didn’t seem as if his father made $21 million. So maybe there’s a little more eagerness on his side to get $210 million guaranteed, where Bobby Witt Jr. might be able to roll the dice for another year or two. Yeah, Royals, offer him this deal. I’d just be shocked if he takes it.”

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