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Game one hundred and thirty-eight: Cleveland Guardians at Kansas City Royals

The last Student Night of the season

Cleveland Guardians v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Today is a battle of disasters. The baseball team representing Cleveland, the site of numerous Cuyahoga River fires going head to head with the baseball team representing Kansas City, the site of the Hyatt Regency walkway collapse. That’s probably disrespectful of Cleveland, the current division leaders, but it kinda feels like they’re there by accident. They did absolutely nothing last offseason or at the trade deadline to improve their roster, yet here they are. Such is the nature of the 2022 AL Central: a mediocre team might just stumble ass-backwards into a division title.

I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t been watching much Royals baseball of late. The young guys are neat, but on the whole, it’s an unpleasant viewing experience. I usually just watch the highlights after the fact. I do try to tune in to the games I cover, that way I can include little things that don’t show up in the box score. I missed last week for my fantasy football draft though. I haven’t played fantasy football since 2019, and I went into the draft having done no research. holding no plan, and having not watched an NFL game that didn’t involve the Chiefs in years. I also have a personal rule against drafting domestic abusers, so that limits my player pool somewhat. ESPN projects me to finish 10th out of 10 teams in the league. I’m like the Royals in that way: blind optimism with no clear plan.

Anyway, Cleveland is starting Cody Morris. I’ve never heard of him, so he’ll probably toss seven shutty. So it goes.

First pitch: 7:10 pm CDT

Royals lineup

Guardians lineup