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2023 Royals game threads

ALDS Game 2 thread

The Orioles and Twins find themselves in holes. Can they even their series back up, or will they be in danger of getting swept?

Game thread CLXII - Yankees at Royals - SEASON FINALE

Much like Who’s Line, the points don’t matter but there are plenty of reasons to watch today’s game.

Royals vs. Yankees Saturday game thread

Can Bobby go 30/50?

Royals vs. Yankees Friday game thread

It’s Jordan Lyles Time.

Royals vs. Tigers resume a suspended game, plus a Thursday day game open thread

Let’s play one-and-a-half!

Game thread CLVI - Royals at Astros

The Royals, once again, will attempt to sweep the Astros. But first: who’s pitching?

Royals vs. Astros Saturday game thread

The Royals can take the series tonight.

Royals vs. Astros Friday game thread

Can the Royals take another series from the Astros?

Game One Hundred and Fifty-Three: Cleveland Guardians at Kansas City Royals

Seeking a sweep

Game 151 Thread: Guardians vs. Royals

Gotta catch ‘em all!

Guardians Series Preview: The two youngest lineups in baseball

The Guardians also have the youngest pitching staff.

Game thread CL - Astros at Royals

Can the Royals sweep the stars?

Monarchs vs. Eagles Saturday game thread

It’s Salute to the Negro Leagues Night!

Royals vs. Astros Friday game thread

Zack attacks!

Game One Hundred and Forty-Seven: Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox

Openers and such

Gamethread CXLIV - Royals at Blue Jays

The Royals have 99 problems, but Cole Ragans ain’t one.

Royals vs. Blue Jays Saturday game thread

It’s James McArthur day!

Royals vs. Blue Jays Friday game thread

Oh, Canada?

Blue Jays series preview: To the great north!

The Blue Jays are a pretty complete team.

Game 139 Thread: White Sox vs. Last Place Royals

What an embarrassment

Gamethread CXXXVII - Red Sox at Royals

Can Kansas City avoid being swept yet again?

Royals vs. Red Sox Saturday game thread

Ned Yost gets inducted into the Royals Hall of Fame.

Royals vs. Red Sox Friday game thread

Jordan Lyles goes for win #4.

Game One Hundred and Thirty-Five: Pittsburgh Pirates at Kansas City Royals


Game 133 Thread: Pirates vs. Royals


Game thread CXXXII: Royals at Mariners

Can KC avoid the sweep?

Royals vs. Mariners Saturday gamethread

Back on Ballys Sports Kansas City today.

Royals vs. Mariners Friday game thread

The Battle of Grass Creek continues.

Game One Hundred and Twenty-Nine: Kansas City Royals at Oakland Athletics

This concludes the Sewage Series

Game 127 Thread: Royals vs. Athletics

Maikel is back!

Game thread CXXVI - Royals at Cubs

Jordan Lyles is still pitching

Royals vs. Cubs Saturday gamethread

Let’s get some runs!


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