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2023 Series Previews

White Sox series preview: Disappointment

These two teams have really fallen flat this year.

Red Sox series preview: Fading post-season hopes

New Englanders may be left with no October baseball again.

Mariners series preview: The battle of two phenoms

Julio Rodriguez and Bobby Witt Jr. are two of the young stars of the game.

Athletics series preview: The two worst teams in baseball

It has been a nightmare season for A’s fans.

Cubs series preview: The friendly confines

The Royals hit Wrigleyville

Red Sox series preview: Payroll flexibility and mediocrity

On to the Green Monster!

Phillies series preview: Can they make another post-season run?

The Phillies have been big spenders, but it hasn’t always worked out

Mets series preview: The most mediocre team money can buy

Steve Cohen spend $250 million and all he got was this lousy t-shirt.

Twins series preview: A disappointing first place team?

Can the Twins pull away?

Guardians series preview: Rookies can be good starting pitchers

The Guardians pitching development machine churns on.

Yankees series preview: Last place?

These aren’t the Bronx Bombers of old.

Tigers series preview: A bad team still in contention

The Tigers aren’t good, but they are just six games out of first.

Rays series preview: What a way to start the second half!

The Rays have been the best team in the American League.

Guardian series preview: Running into the All-Star break

The last series of the first half

Twins series preview: A losing first-place team

Is this the best the Central has to offer?

Dodgers series preview: The National League behemoth

What do you get when you pair money with brains?

Guardians Series Preview: Can they still produce pitchers?

The Guardians are off to another slow start, but they’re still in it.

Rays series preview: The best team in baseball

With a payroll less than what the Royals are paying.

Tigers series preview: Two rebuilds that have stalled

But the Tigers cleaned house last year.

Angels series preview: Will Ohtani finally make the post-season?

And will it be with the Angels?

Reds series preview: When playing the kids works

It’s the Elly de la Cruz show now.

Orioles series preview: From pretender to contender

The Orioles show what is possible.

Marlins series preview: An underrated starting pitching development machine

Could the Royals develop arms like this?

Rockies series preview: Return of the Moose

Will this be the last time Mike Moustakas plays at the K?

Cardinals series preview: Misery loves company

The two Missouri teams have not have much to show this year.

Nationals Series Preview: Two clubs in a post-championship funk

These teams have won championships in the last decade! No, really!

Tigers series preview: Which team has greater offensive woes?

The Tigers offense is toothless.

White Sox series preview: Can these teams bounce back?

The Royals and White Sox are playing better in May, but is it too little, too late?

Padres series preview: Having ownership spend money on a team looks fun

Fans are flocking to Padres games.

Brewers series preview: The small market pitching factory

How can the Royals churn out arms like the Brew Crew?

White Sox series preview: A team of disappointment

Old friend Pedro Grifol is already on the hot seat.

Athletics series preview: A battle of the worst teams in baseball

The A’s have bottomed out and could be on the move.


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