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2023 Series Previews

Tigers series preview: Which team has greater offensive woes?

The Tigers offense is toothless.

White Sox series preview: Can these teams bounce back?

The Royals and White Sox are playing better in May, but is it too little, too late?

Padres series preview: Having ownership spend money on a team looks fun

Fans are flocking to Padres games.

Brewers series preview: The small market pitching factory

How can the Royals churn out arms like the Brew Crew?

White Sox series preview: A team of disappointment

Old friend Pedro Grifol is already on the hot seat.

Athletics series preview: A battle of the worst teams in baseball

The A’s have bottomed out and could be on the move.

Orioles series preview: A rebuild on its way

After years of putrid baseball, Baltimore is back.

Twins series preview: Small market spenders no more

Can the Royals keep up with the high-spending Twins?

Diamondbacks series preview: A lineup that walks less than the Royals

Expect a lot of swings!

Angels series preview: Great players, but when will they have a great team?

This series features the best baseball player on the planet and it’s not Taylor Clarke.

Rangers series preview: Has Texas already drastically improved?

The Rangers have gone from 94 losses to first place early on.

Rangers series preview: The Dayton Moore reunion

Dayton finally has some money to play with.

Giants Series Preview: The island of misfit players

It’s an interesting roster, but will they win?

Toronto Blue Jays series preview: Whit returns to the K

How will Royals fans respond?

Minnesota Twins series preview: The season begins!

The Twins have some fresh new threads!