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Royals Rumblings - News for January 11, 2023

Be sure to make a wish today at 1:11, on 1/11.

David Lesky couldn’t wait til Spring Training to do a roster projection, including this scenario for the infield:

What They Could Do: I wouldn’t worry about first, second or shortstop at this point. The play, if, they were going to make it, was to go after someone like Dansby Swanson and move Witt to third, but they weren’t going to do that. So let Witt play shortstop knowing you’ve got capable defenders in Lopez and Mondesi with him. That means you look to third base if you’re wanting to upgrade. Me? I’d have signed Evan Longoria for the light deal he took with Arizona, but maybe he wanted to be in Arizona and that was that. At this point, I’d go after depth. I’ve mentioned Brian Anderson before and I think I’d give that a shot. Matt Duffy was okay with the Cubs in 2021 I guess, if you want to try that.

I also mentioned the trade route in an article a couple of weeks ago. They have a bit of a logjam and would love to get something for Mondesi, even if he’s just part of a deal. Maybe the Angels really would move Gio Urshela for him. Otherwise, the options are pretty slim. I’m not sure if the Orioles would trade Ramon Urias with Jordan Westburg close, but he’d be an interesting stopgap as well and maybe they’d be interested in some of the Royals young pitching that they’ve given up on plus something else? I don’t know, I’m kind of terrible at trades like this, but they could make a call there.

The Omaha Storm Chasers announced that former Northwest Arkansas Naturals broadcaster Nicholas Badders will be the new voice of the Chasers. Badders will replace Jake Eisenberg, who is moving up to the Majors as Kansas City’s newest radio voice. The Naturals have not announced Badders’ successor yet.

A refresher on the timeline of Carlos Correa “will they/won’t they” offseason, which has finally ended with him signing with the Twins on a shorter deal than the ones that got axed by the Giants and Mets.

Elsewhere in the AL Central, Anthony Franco at MLBTR took a look at the selection of outfielders the Guardians have for 2023.

The Red Sox may be in need of a middle infielder after Trevor Story had internal brace surgery (a UCL repair) on his right arm.

Some guy, seems like a nice fella, joined the ownership group of the Kansas City Current. (It was Patrick Mahomes.)

Shortly after her father Vince returned to a public-facing role in the company, Stephanie McMahon announced her resignation as co-CEO of WWE. Should we all put some money in a hat and buy WWE?

Former NBA player Jared Jeffries won a car on The Price Is Right:

He is 6’11” so that’s going to be a tough fit.

Tall members of this community: what vehicles are the most comfortable to ride in? And the least?

True crime weirdos are harassing a survivor of the quadruple homicide at the University of Idaho. Please do not do this. It is possible to listen to or watch true crime stories without being a person who thinks this is acceptable.

Even after the controversial recent changes, the rewards in the Dunkin’ app are still the best.

Job hunting? Here are 10 questions to ask the interviewer, from Alison Green. Or you can pull my classic maneuver of forgetting the entire English language when the interviewer asks if you have any questions. Works every time!

Also on the topic of job interviewing, an Ask a Manager letter asking if a suit is still a requirement for interviews. The comment section is full of suggestions to build budget-friendly interview looks.

More rain is on the way for flood-ravaged California today.

SOTD: k.d. lang covering Neil Young’s Helpless