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Royals Rumblings - News for January 18, 2023

We have once again reached the milestone of Wednesday.

At Royals Farm Report, Alex Duvall figures out what it would take for the Royals offense to be in the top 10 in MLB.

Former Royal Andrés Machado (two appearances in 2017) was outrighted to Triple-A by the Nationals. (Am I reaching for Royals connections because it is late January and news is thin? YES.)

For no reason, look at the price of admission for the Brewers fan event today.

David Pinto of Baseball Musings points out two recent examples of team owners who maybe need a spokesperson.

Dave McKenna at Defector has more on John Angelos’s weird outburst, and the Angelos family drama as well as their media avoidance. The article is free to read.

The Orioles outrighted poor Lewin Díaz, who has bounced around prodigiously all offseason, to Triple-A Norfolk. This move will hopefully be the last transaction.

The Red Sox traded RHP Connor Seabold to the Rockies for cash or a PTBNL.

At FanGraphs, Leo Morgenstern looks at what the Pirates can expect from their reunion with Andrew McCutchen.

Zach Crizer at Yahoo! ranks the new MLB rule changes from most- to least-noticeable, with the pitch clock coming in at #1.

Fascinated by this bit from Peyton Manning that there is no such thing as a halftime adjustment. Also, oranges! Good snack.

Jerry Jones said kicker Brett Maher’s job is safe, following his incredible four PAT misses in Monday night’s Cowboys win over the Buccaneers.

LeBron James has been in the NBA so long, he’s now playing against sons of previous opponents.

Channing Tatum’s production company has the rights to the movie Ghost, paving the way for a remake. That was my main takeaway from this Vanity Fair profile of Tatum, but your mileage may vary.

[Content note for suicide and addiction] If you are not a romance reader, you may have missed the story a few weeks back where an indy romance author, presumed to have died by suicide two years ago, is still alive because her “death” was fake. A new interview with her husband says it was all his idea.

The suspect in the quadruple murder at the University of Idaho sent numerous unanswered Instagram messages to one of the victims.

A fantastic collection of inappropriate, or just bizarre, email signatures.

I’m not sure if this piece of celebrity gossip is substantiated by reputable news outlets, but it is a masterful two-sentence story:

On Reddit’s “unpopular opinion” sub, this person said they dislike vacations with a whole bunch of plans. How busy is your ideal vacation?

SOTD: Miley Cyrus - Flowers