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Royals Review Radio: Prospects Live Ranks Royals Top 30 Prospects!

Jared Perkins and Jake Kerns of Prospects Live break down their top 30 Royals prospects with Jacob Milham.

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Jacob Milham sits down with Jared Perkins and Jake Kerns of Prospects Live, after they released their top 30 Kansas City Royals prospects list! Who tops their list, and which prospect went from unranked in 2022 to a top-10 appearance? Plus, which prospect are they comparing to Whit Merrifield and Ben Zobrist? Find out this and much more!

You can view their list here:

The top-10 prospects are free to view, but listeners can sign up for their Patreon for the full list and breakdowns of each prospect!

You can follow the team on Twitter with Royals Review at @royalsreview and Jacob Milham at @JMilTheHam.

Royals Review Radio is available on iTunes.