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Royals Rumblings - News for January 4, 2023

The editorial board of the Kansas City Star notes that delaying a vote on the Royals downtown build until 2024 makes sense because of all the things voters should know before making a decision.

If the baseball stadium is to go on the ballot in August, voters must have a crystal clear understanding of the details this spring. At minimum, that includes a firm location, with a realistic cost estimate and the repayment plan for any public bonds. A construction timetable is also essential.

The Royals must commit to a new lease that keeps the team in Kansas City for the life of whatever tax is used for the project. If the tax is to be extended to 30 years, the team must promise to stay here for that time period — again, before the election.

Without a new lease, voters will rightly reject any tax for the ballpark.

Voters must know if the state of Missouri plans to contribute anything to the stadium, or if the state is to play a role in authorizing any taxes for the project. The general design of the surrounding entertainment district should be clear, as well as any public subsidies involved — including economic incentives.

The intersection of the Royals beat and dog content; it must be Wednesday!

A profile of Royals radio broadcaster Jake Eisenberg, by Michael J. Lewis at The Island 360:

Sam Mellinger, the Royals’ vice president of communications and Eisenberg’s new boss, said the decision to have Eisenberg replace the retiring Steve Physioc on Kansas City’s Royals Radio Network broadcasts was an easy one, especially since they’d heard him do Chasers games for two seasons.

“He’s such a pro, and the enthusiasm combined with the professionalism made it clear he was the right choice,” Mellinger said. “The things you hear from those who’ve been around him a lot, the things they say about him matters to us. And how he treats people, and what those people said about him, was very important. And we heard only great things from everyone about Jake.”

Old Friend Eric Hosmer is reportedly close to a deal with the Cubs, per Jon Heyman.

The White Sox signed Old Friend Billy Hamilton to a minors deal.

Rafael Devers and the Red Sox came to an agreement for $17.5 million for the 2023 season.

The Nationals signed 1B/OF Dominic Smith to a 1-year deal.

The Yankees front office is collecting Brians the way this site collects Kevins, by adding Brian Sabean as an executive advisor to Brian Cashman.

The Astros need more at the Catcher position, says Darragh McDonald of MLB Trade Rumors. Should the Royals do something about that?

This person on Reddit asked for recommendations on how to pick a team to support as they get into baseball. What would you tell them?

Joe Buck and ESPN stand by their reporting that the NFL wanted to resume Monday night’s game after a paltry 5-minute warmup following Damar Hamlin’s collapse, but the league is denying that. (The Onion has something to say about that, lol.)

UFC president Dana White apologized after slapping his wife in the face.

I wish I knew more about darts, because this seems very exciting:

Is 2023 the year of Miley Cyrus?

Today I learned that Target gives out some freebies if you set up a baby registry there. Their whole registry system is pretty slick, tbh. This is not an ad; I just have used it as a gift recipient (wedding) and giver (so many weddings and baby showers) and it works so easily.

A little guide for choosing art for the walls in your home. What is the most regrettable or cringe-worthy wall art you’ve ever had?

The letter of the week from Ask a Manager is this person whose centrally located house somehow became their company’s workspace. I wish them luck in setting new boundaries.

SOTD: Taylor Swift - Death by a Thousand Cuts, live and acoustic