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Royals Rumblings - News for January 9, 2023

Will Scott Barlow be traded this year?

Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Kevin O’Brien at Royals Reporter examines whether Scott Barlow will be traded.

Picollo and the Royals have to differentiate “rebuilding” from simply “blowing it up”. The Royals are trying to build a competitive roster gradually through young players, both on the hitting and pitching end. In that process, veterans are still needed, especially ones who can help build up the young players and help them win, even if they may not be around for the long haul. Every rebuilding squad has those kinds of players, and Barlow certainly serves in that role on a pitching end right now, both on the field and in the clubhouse.

Does Picollo want to cash in on his value at his highest? Of course. But trading him away with no contingency in place is not the way to build confidence with this roster and fanbase, especially coming off a 65-win season.

Will Leitch at lists one extension candidate for each team.

Royals: Bobby Witt Jr. (2027) Kansas City is building everything around Witt Jr., who looks like a franchise centerpiece. The Royals don’t always get access to this sort of talent, and when they’ve had it in the past, they’ve often lost that player. Let’s not go through this again with Witt.

Jacob Milham at Inside the Royals writes that Logan Porter has a lot at stake in spring training.

The Tigers trade All-Star reliever Gregory Soto to the Phillies in a five-player deal.

The Mariners sign veteran outfielder A.J. Pollock to a one-year, $7 million deal.

White Sox closer Liam Hendriks announces that he has Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

The best remaining free agent at each position.

The Marlins let teams know they have starting pitching available for trades.

Nine players looking to bounce back after a rough first year of a long-term deal.

What is it like to be an official scorer?

The Hall of Fame case for Lou Whitaker.

Former All-Star reliever Bill Campbell dies at the age of 74.

The Texans blow the #1 pick in the draft by defeating the Colts with an incredible touchdown on 4th-and-20.

How TCU football owns the state of Texas.

How your brain distinguishes memories from perceptions.

Tipping is weird now.

Every MCU movie, ranked.

Your song of the day is Spin Doctors with Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong.