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Royals Rumblings - News for October 11, 2023

Pretty quiet day for Royals coverage.

The Rangers swept the Orioles to advance to the ALCS.

In an unprecedented move, top Japanese high school prospect Rintaro Sasaki will not play for the NBP, but will instead come to the USA to play college baseball. This will make him MLB draft-eligible much sooner than if he played in Japan’s top pro league and waited to be posted.

How long can Yordan Alvarez maintain the 1.667 slugging percentage he has so far in the postseason (extremely small sample size alert, obviously)?

Jazz Chisholm, Jr. had surgery to deal with turf toe, which will leave him unable to run for several months.

The Cardinals may not have to trade young catcher Iván Herrera, as he is evidently eligible for a fourth option year.

Barry Melrose, an institution in hockey coverage at ESPN, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and is leaving the job:

At Sports Illustrated, Steve Rushin wrote a gorgeous tribute to the late Jim Caple, whose life and sportswriting career were cut short by dementia and ALS.

Taylor Swift made a “generous” donation to Harvesters after playing in Kansas City over the summer.

In an ‘80s mood? Here’s a list (not a slideshow!) of 40 ‘80s movies that you can stream. Crucially, it also lists where to stream each one.

At Defector, Patrick Redford reviewed Michel Lewis’s new book about Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX and found it entirely too kind to Bankman-Fried considering, you know, the $10 billion he (allegedly!) swindled from investors.

Martin Scorsese defends the 3.5 hour runtime of Killers of the Flower Moon.

A sort of wild question from Reddit: What’s the oddest thing you thought was normal but turned out to be a medical issue?

SOTD: Caroline Polachek did a Tiny Desk Concert!!!