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Royals Rumblings - News for November 1, 2023

Rabbit, rabbit

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A black lab puppy wearing a vest, lying quite flat on their tummy on the sidewalk. The skin of their muzzle is flapping onto the pavement a bit, making the pup look sleepy or perhaps sad.
The flattest pup in the park.
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

At Bally Sports, Kenny Van Doren checked in with CJ Alexander and his late arrival to the Arizona Fall League:

Those offensive strides stalled in 86 games in Triple-A, as he slashed .220/.280/.423, missing nearly a month of the season with a broken rib.

“I used this as a second opportunity to not sit and dwell on the season I had, because personally I had a let-down season for myself and for a lot of people that are supporting me and believing in me,” said Alexander, who was drafted as a third baseman but has almost exclusively shifted to the other side of the infield and has seen all of his AFL defensive action at first base. “I figured I’d come here and get some work in and just get back to who I am as a hitter and hopefully get to the big leagues.”

An invite to major league spring training has crept into the back of Alexander’s mind. He is entering the final year of his minor-league deal, and his AFL campaign could springboard him into the discussion.

Alexander is doing well in his time in Arizona:

Rob Manfred is considering further limiting the number of pitchers who can be carried on MLB rosters, citing concerns that even with the current 13-pitcher limit in place, the average number of innings per start went down. (I am not certain whether that average includes games started by openers.)


Tighter limits on pitchers on the roster result in:

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  • 35%
    Longer starts
    (78 votes)
  • 47%
    More position players pitching
    (104 votes)
  • 16%
    More players trying to be two-way guys
    (36 votes)
218 votes total Vote Now

The attorneys general of 17 states and the District of Columbia filed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to hear the case of two contracted Minor League teams that alleged unlawful conspiring in violation of antitrust laws.

I think the answer may already be revealed before these Rumblings go up, but here’s some Storm Chasers trivia:

The correct answer is this guy, who is currently playing winter ball with the Tigres del Licey.

The Padres are considering Phil Nevin and Benji Gil for their managerial vacancy.

Looks like Saudi Arabia will host the 2034 World Cup, and I’m certain there was absolutely no corruption involved in that process. Surely not!

The NBA revealed colorful floors for every team for the upcoming in-season tournament.

Mina Kimes is wonderful in general, and also in this specific instance wherein her Halloween costume was Todd from Jury Duty, wearing chair-pants, or chants.

“Zillow Group Inc. and other real estate stocks plunged after a Missouri jury found the National Association of Realtors and other industry players guilty of colluding to maintain high brokerage commissions.”

If anyone else is looking to buy a house anytime soon, here’s some examples of things to look for to detect a crappy flip. Anecdotally, I’m not seeing as many flips in my area lately, likely because mortgage interest rates have been high enough, for long enough, that they can no longer get their grubby paws on profits as easily. How sad for flippers. Look at all these tears I’m shedding.

Another recall on eyedrops! Eeek!

Leaf blower bans are popping up in more places. GOOD.

15 gift ideas for tween girls. Anyone have kiddos that age? Please confirm if these seem like good ideas.

Have you ever had a spooky experience at work? Alison at Ask a Manager shared some, and readers added more in the comments.

Speaking of spooky: the 2023 winners of the annual Jezebel scary stories contest are here! Definitely do what I did and read them in the dark right before you go to bed. And then follow the links to all the past years’ winners.

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