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Royals Rumblings - News for November 21, 2023

Is Miami still interested in Salvador Perez?

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New York Yankees v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

David Lesky at Inside the Crown reacts to last week’s trades, including the acquisition of Nick Anderson.

But the Royals need to take chances on ability like this. He’s pretty much a two-pitch guy with a fastball and a curve and I’m fascinated by the percentages from 2023. He threw his curve exactly half the time and his fastball just slightly less with a few sinkers mixed in. The curve is a monster pitch. He had a 40.4 percent whiff rate on it, which is actually down from his previous seasons. It’s a great pitch and one that he will continue to throw.

His fastball was a bit concerning in 2023. Spin rates were down and whiff rates came down with it. If he can bring that back, he’s a dominant reliever who the Royals should be able to flip at the deadline. If he can’t, well, he’s still good enough to move if he’s healthy and all they gave up was cash. There is literally nothing to dislike here. He’s legitimately good, they didn’t even give up a player to get him, he’s only estimated at $1.6 million in arbitration and did I mention he’s actually good? This is a savvy move.

Jim Bowden of The Athletic considers trade ideas from readers.

Trade proposal: Royals trade Salvador Perez to the Marlins for Avisaíl García and Edward Cabrera. García offsets the cost for the Marlins and they get a catcher, filling a desperate need. Kansas City takes a flier on a young controllable (albeit wild) arm. Thoughts? — No name given

For the rebuilding Royals, being able to acquire a young starting pitcher with the ceiling of Cabrera is something they should consider. The Marlins need a leader and a game caller for their pitching staff, and they have young starting pitching depth, so I think they should consider this deal too. I actually like it for both sides. However, the Royals have made it clear to me that they are not trading Perez and he’ll finish his career as a Royal.

Tyler Kepner at The Athletic writes about the new candidates on the Hall of Fame ballot.

James Shields wore a three-piece suit for one of his first road trips with the Kansas City Royals in 2013. The team had a travel dress code — sports coats and slacks — but to Dayton Moore, the general manager who traded for Shields, this represented a more serious commitment to professionalism.

“Getting young guys to do it, OK, fine, they’re going to do whatever you want,” said Moore, now a senior advisor for the Texas Rangers. “But then James Shields comes over and he’s dressing that way on the plane. And people may look at that and say, ‘Whatever, who cares about that stuff?’ But when you’re looking for veteran-type players that would model greatness and expectations at the highest level for young guys, it’s really important.”

The Braves sign pitcher Reynaldo Lopez to a three-year, $30 million deal.

The Cardinals bring back pitcher Lance Lynn on a one-year, $10 million deal.

Japanese free agent Yoshinobu Yamamoto can officially sign with teams today.

The Dodgers are looking at trading for Corbin Burnes and Willy Adames of the Brewers.

The Tigers are interested in free agent pitcher Seth Lugo.

The Marlins are looking for an upgrade at catcher.

The Athletics still face major hurdles in relocating to Las Vegas.

The big questions about this year’s Hall of Fame ballot.

Former reliever Zack Britton retires.

Josh Donaldson is open to a reunion with the Blue Jays.

An ode to Zach Wilson, the third-biggest bust in NFL history.

The Pistons are finding new ways to be bad.

You can find America’s ghost towns - Kansas once had thousands.

Post-COVID work norms are getting confusing.

Young Sheldon will conclude this May after seven seasons.

Your song of the day is Robert Plant with 29 Palms.