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Royals Rumblings - News for December 20, 2023

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The Royals are one of the teams that could be streamed on Amazon if a deal between Amazon and Diamond Sports (Bally’s parent company) goes through. Evan Drellich has been reporting on this for The Athletic:

If a deal went through, Amazon would be able to broadcast the teams for which Diamond holds digital rights, or streaming rights as they’re alternatively called. But importantly, Diamond doesn’t hold digital rights for every one of the teams it broadcasts over the air.

Diamond, via its various Bally-branded regional sports networks, currently carries 11 MLB teams’ TV broadcasts: Los Angeles Angels, Milwaukee Brewers, Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, Cleveland Guardians, Miami Marlins, Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays, Cincinnati Reds, Kansas City Royals and Detroit Tigers.

But Diamond is said to currently only carry the digital rights to five of those teams: the Tigers, Royals, Marlins, Brewers and Rays.

Always interesting to hear perspectives on “our” Royals from the outside. Darragh McDonald at MLB Trade Rumors had this to say about Kris Bubic in light of his avoiding arbitration:

How much stock to put into his strong start in 2023 is a matter of debate. On the one hand, it was just three starts and 16 innings, so small sample size caveats obviously apply. But if one wanted to put an optimistic spin on it, that wouldn’t be totally unjustified. A 3.94 ERA in three starts isn’t mind-blowing, but he had a .375 batting average on balls in play in that time. His 2.63 FIP and 3.55 SIERA suggest he may have deserved better. His 23.5% strikeout rate was solid but his 2.9% walk rate and 52.1% ground ball rate were both very strong.

For those looking for a deeper dive, both Eno Sarris of The Athletic and Jake Mailhot of FanGraphs took a look at Bubic last year and found things to like. The lefty was featuring increased velocity, a different release point and a new slider. Perhaps the changed arsenal provides an explanation for the better results, but it is still a very small sample.

Our own Matthew LaMar was a guest on KCUR’s “Up To Date” to talk about all this offseason spending the Royals are doing.

R.J. Anderson at CBS Sports examines whether the offseason moves are enough to propel the Royals to an AL Central win.

The Pirates and Andrew McCutchen are staying together for 2024.

Jalen Hurts said the Eagles’ recent struggles are due to lack of commitment.

A long look at how railroads handle employees injured on the job, in ways that coincidentally always favor the railroads.

FINALLY, someone brave enough to tell the truth: ADIEU is a bad starting word for Wordle. It’s easier to fill in vowels if you have a structure of consonants set up! This has been obvious to me all along!

Also at Lifehacker: a sale on Sam’s Club memberships. A year for $20!

The football world is catching up to what longtime Swifties already knew: Taylor Swift loves to bake.

Today’s Reddit question: Employers of Reddit, what can someone put on a resume that sends it straight to the shredder?

SOTD: Mannheim Steamroller - O Holy Night.