Crossword Puzzle - Baseball

General view of spectator doing a crossword during of day one of the Specsavers County Cricket Championships, Division One match at The Oval, London.

For those that like crossword puzzles, I create this 27x27 grid that is part Baseball History and part Royals.

I'll post the answer next week.


R1 C1, Buck O’Neil’s passion

R2 C25, Oldest way to measure batting performance

R3 C1, A relief pitcher that keeps thing in hand

R3 C21, What young relievers want

R3 C7, Often quoted Yankee star

R4 C10, El Tiante

R4 C23, When a player is released from a team

R4 C24, Modern batting stat

R5 C1, Famous pitching brothers, one was HOFer

R6 C15, The root cause of the Boston Curse

R6 C25, One way to get an out

R7 C1, When a stat can be misleading

R8 C24, Ride the pine for nine

R8 C6, The Bible of Baseball est 1886

R9 C22, Famous brothers, one was Ace of the Gashouse Gang

R9 C3, Experiences a miracle in the 60s

R10 C15, Batting stat

R10 C26, Stat for when a catcher messes up

R10 C8, Angels not just in the outfield

R11 C1, What a shutout requires

R11 C22, A pitcher’s best friend

R12 C9, The American experience storyteller

R13 C18, A very good first year

R13 C5, The team that left Brooklyn

R13 C9, Old school stat for pitchers

R14 C2, Where best-of-the-best live on

R14 C21, Tool needed to make bats

R15 C11, Relief pitching stat

R15 C16, Dinger, jack, blast, clearing the bases, etc.

R16 C2, What is needed to win ballgames

R16 C25, Pre-arbitration days, he settled contract dispute by winning coin toss

R16 C7, The biggest Cubs fan of all time

R17 C11, Pitching stat used to pull starters

R17 C15, The voice of baseball

R17 C6, He knew baseball and football

R18 C1, Station that aired first radio broadcast of a game

R18 C7, MLB community involvement

R19 C13, Stat for just a bit outside

R19 C9, City on the river with second most championships

R20 C16, The most exciting play in baseball

R20 C5, Where relievers watch the game

R21 C1, Famous brothers, one was a HOFer

R21 C15, More than at-bats

R21 C23, Waiting for the call-up

R22 C18, What struck out Lou Gehrig

R22 C7, Fourth in a lineup

R23 C1, Defensive ability to turn balls in play into outs

R23 C14, Batting stat for clutch players

R23 C21, How to preserve a piece of baseball history

R24 C1, Relief pitching stat

R24 C10, Something pitchers do in spring training

R24 C17, Famous for blown call at first during 1985 WS

R24 C4, Tommy John’s famous ligament

R25 C21, Star relief pitcher who had more saves than strikeouts in 1984.

R25 C24, Nolan Ryan career strikeouts

R26 C1, Minneapolis and St. Paul

R26 C4, 42s everywhere

R27 C21, Locker room talk to rally a team to victory

R27 C25, Cy Young career win total


R1 C10, Super-sub

R1 C12, Stat used to spot outliers

R1 C15, Let’s Play Two

R1 C18, When big league dreams start

R1 C20, Yankees last 42

R1 C22, What closers pride themselves on

R1 C25, Clown Prince of Baseball

R1 C3, Four times a failure

R1 C8, First all brother outfield in MLB

R3 C1, The Flying Dutchman with a rare baseball card

R4 C24, Three play this position in a game

R4 C6, Jim Abbott’s best game

R6 C22, Ballpark classic

R6 C8, By rule, not illegal to perform in a game

R7 C13, The Man in St. Louis

R8 C20, The friendly Willie Mays

R8 C24, First pitcher to win three Cy Young awards

R9 C27, Period of time after 1920s rule changes

R12 C11, Post-Expos

R12 C16, TWP greatness

R12 C7, Where Cubbies go

R12 C9, Ray, Chappy, Crash

R13 C22, The reason for seats in a stadium

R13 C25, Last row, upper deck, right field, not front row

R14 C4, Stadium with a green monster

R15 C20, Lewis and Clark played ‘pre-baseball’

R16 C2, Broadcaster for first baseball game televised

R17 C18, Organization for baseball history

R17 C22, When the dream first seems within reach

R18 C14, Pitching term for as slow as you can throw

R19 C13, A measure of pitching effectiveness

R20 C23, A relief pitcher that makes things worse

R20 C24, Cheap ticket

R20 C5, The most traded for player in history

R22 C12, Always right, by rule

R22 C19, First Latina MLB owner

R23 C1, The infield is full of it

R23 C15, What is needed for hits

R23 C21, HOF CFer on winning team of Black Sox Scandal

R24 C10, MLB competition for kids

R24 C17, An unlikely home run hitter in Yanks-Red Sox rivalry

R24 C26, Ty Cobb career hit total

R25 C13, The object of the game

R25 C22, Team’s best starter

R25 C24, Joe DiMaggio Hit Streak

R26 C8, Where players go when hurt

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