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New Year’s Eve open thread

Goodbye 2023!

Australians Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2023 Photo by Jenny Evans/Getty Images

It’s time to close out the year in style! It was a year of terrible baseball, but with perhaps some hope at the end of the year after a spending spree by the team.

Let’s celebrate 2023 with hope for a better 2024!

  1. What was your favorite Royals-related moment of the year?
  2. What was the movie/TV show/book/album that came out this year that you enjoyed the most?
  3. What was your proudest personal accomplishment from this year?
  4. Any plans for New Year’s Eve tonight?
  5. Will you make any resolutions?
  6. Give us one Royals or baseball-related prediction for the year.

From everyone at Royals Review, we wish you all a Happy New Year!