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Can you identify these Royals based on their Baseball Reference page?

Let’s play a game!

Stats don’t lie, in fact they may help us identify. If you follow the Twitter account @HighHeatStats, you may have played a game called “Name this player from his stats.” In the game, you are presented with the Baseball Reference page of an unknown player, and based on his stats, you are asked to identify the player. There are clues of course - years played, teams played for, positions played, and awards.

Here is one recent example, a former Royal!

If you remember what two-time MVP played just 33 games for the Royals in 2004, you know this was Juan Gonzalez.

So let’s play our own Royals version! I’ll give you some Baseball Reference pages, and you see if you can identify the player. The answers will be in spoiler text below. They should get progressively more difficult!

  1. Who am I?

2. Who am I?

3. Who am I?

4. Who am I?

5. Who am I?

6. Who am I?

7. Who am I?

8. Who am I?

9. Who am I?

10. Who am I?

11. Who am I?

12. Who am I?

13. Who am I?

14. Who am I?

15. Who am I?

16. Who am I?

17. Who am I?

18. Who am I?

19. Who am I?

20. Who am I?

How many did you get?